18 Powerful And Easy Things To Do Before Going To Bed

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In order to have a great day, you need to have proper rest. For some people is 8 hours of sleep, for others, sleep deprived get max of 6 hours a night. Regardless, here you’ll find

1. Think of what happened during the day

Even if it was a bad day, it’ll help you avoid them next time.

2. Take 3 deep breaths

If it was a tough day, it’ll help you shave it off. If you had a good day instead, it’ll be an awesome moment just to yourself.

3. Imagine tomorrow

If you come up with some sort of a to do list, it’s better to write them down. It helps your brain to unload, and have a more relaxing sleep. You’ll thank me in the morning.

4. Close your eyes and think of a the people you care the most in your life

I actually bring my mental pictures of them. I think a good thought about each of them, and wish them good night.

5. Read, read, and read some more

You can read novels, poetry, something you wrote the night before. The goal here is to disconnect with the outer world, because that gives you more chances to connect with your inner self. Try to avoid reading gossip magazines or tabloids, they don’t bring any good thoughts into your mind.

6. Repeat a mantra, or meditate, or pray

No further information needed, right?

7. Turn your cell phone off

Actually, what I do now is I leave it 10 feet away from my night stand. Maybe with the excuse of having the charger far away, you can invent a valid excuse. Leave it far from your arm’s reach. What if there’s an emergency and someone needs you in the middle of the night? Well, I guess that’s the risk you have to take in order to have a better and less stressful life. Statistically nothing will happen during the night. And if indeed happen, maybe there’s actually nothing you can do about it.

8. Make a to do list for tomorrow

That way you get it out of your system and your mind will get a really good night of sleep. Maybe it’s just 6 hours, but you’ll feel energized because you’ll get great rest.

9. Check the weather

So in the morning you already know how’s gonna look like. Avoid wasting time in the morning to decide what you’re gonna have for breakfast, to turn on your TV, your smartphone or any device just to figure out how the weather is like.

10. Leave your clothes ready

In case you oversleep tomorrow, you won’t have to think about it.

11. Think about your breakfast

I know, this might sound a bit extreme, more so when you just finished having dinner, but the less decisions you have to make in the morning, the better. Even if the decisions are “micro decisions” still impact you, and they do count. Ideally you can lay out a “breakfast plan” for the entire month, so you don’t have to think about it, you never run short of supplies, and you get a good healthy most important meal of the day.

12. Wish good nite to all people that you care

It doesn’t mean you’ll have to call them up or text them or email them or FB them. No, just think of them. I just bring mental pictures of friends and family I want to wish them good night, and I think a few words each at a time.

13. No iPad/tablets in bed

If you must read books in your ipad (no news before going to bed). Or maybe you can use it to play some soothing music. I use to listen to Enya, it works every single time.

14. Hug your spouse good night

If you don’t have a partner that sleeps by your side,

15. No email, no news

Ideally you can avoid it altogether. But if you can’t, set a deadline, a stop time, let’s say no email, news, or technology after 9pm so you can reconnect.

16. Give up control

Or the false sensation that you control your own life. None of us does. So leave it to the Universe to

17. Clean up your bedroom

It’s your sanctuary. Try it as such. Consider used mattress donation.

18. Relax your eyes

After long days, mostly in front of a screen, whether it’s a computer, laptop, TV, cell phone, I spend most of my days looking at a screen. And many nights my eyes get so tired they hurt. A tip I use: I put both hands like creating a spoon feeling in front of my open eyes. Keep tweeking your hands until you can see no light coming in. That’s simple, and very relaxing. I do it for 30 seconds and it works wonders.

And call it a day! Good night, sweet dreams 🙂

Now it’s your turn…

What do you think about this post? Any tip we missed that you’re using and it’s working great for you? Please add it as a comment below.



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