30 Signs That You’re Not Having A Good Day


There are countless reasons why our day could go wrong and these reasons are very diverse. Despite the fact that there are a bunch of reasons why our lives can be take huge dives into the pit, we should always remain positive and be grateful for all the blessings we possess because others are not as blessed as we are. Here are some of the reasons we might feel like our days are not going well.

1- Waking Up Tired

Ever experienced a day where you are just too tired to get out of bed even though you had a good night’s sleep? This could be a sign that your day might not be as productive as other days. This happens to all of us and is normal. One thing you could do is just power through the day, trying your best to finish all the tasks on your calendar and by the end of the day just get a good night’s sleep and that may help.

2- Relationship Quarrel

Relationships are a big part of our lives. Without relationships – be it family, friends, or marriage we cannot thrive. Moreover, relationships have ups and downs and it is very hard to find relationships that are even near ideal. This is why facing disturbances in a relationship can have a strong impact on us and can ruin our whole day. However, if we tackle the problems from the roots, we should be able to find a solution to the issues we argue about.

3- Feeling Sick

Feeling sick is one of the worst feelings ever especially if you have a long day ahead of you and have a lot to do that day. Starting off the day sick can certainly lead to tasks and activities being delayed and postponed and therefore a bad day. Feeling sick is one way your body is telling you that it is in pain and needs rest so listen to your body to increase your chances of quick recovery and then you can continue your tasks. You may also need to excersie more to help with your health, if you need to lose weight then see this Gynexol testimonial.

4- Luck Is Just Not On Your Side

This point is self-explanatory really. Some days we just feel like luck is just not on our side and that we just have bad luck. I’m sure we all experienced a day where things just do not go the way we want to go. Well, this is life and we need to accept this fact.

5- Early Morning Dispute

Waking up to a dispute with a family member about anything could make it feel like the day is just about to get worse. These disputes are common in families and it is overly irritating if the argument is regarding something simple and silly. Patience and acknowledging one’s mistakes may be the key in such situations.

6- Bad Mood

Sometimes you have one of those moments where you mood is just too dull and down. Those moments are certainly not the best moments and can actually affect others around you and not only you. At that instant it could help to think of positive situations and just stop thinking of the problem or cause of your mood change.

7- Called By Your Boss

Ever been called into your supervisor’s office as soon as you land foot into work? This could give an initial impression that you are in terrible trouble, setting a bad tone for your day. All of us make mistakes, and so whether or not you are in some type of trouble just go with the flow and continue your work normally, and try to fix and avoid any other hazards.

8- Negative Talk

Passing on negative thoughts to someone can hurt their feelings and flip their day upside down. That’s why it is important that we watch what we say to others as it could be devastating at times. Do not let anyone make you feel disappointed or distressed. You control yourself and others do not control you. Thus, if people complement you and give you positive feedback, embrace it, otherwise just ignore what is being said to you if it is negative.

9- Lack of Politeness

Whether we are aware of it or not, sometimes we’re just impolite at some instances towards other people and loved ones for one reason or another. This act of impoliteness can be a reflection or sign that we had a bad day or that we’re annoyed because of something that occurred.

10- Going To Sleep Early

Having a bad day can take its toll on your body, causing an individual to feel exhausted and fatigued and ready for bed earlier than normal. Similarly, certain individuals deal with bad days or pressure moments by just sleeping to cut that train of thought.

11- Not Eating Well

Eating and emotions might seem disconnected, but they are actually connected in many ways. Some people respond to stress and emotional discomfort by reducing their daily food intake while others respond differently. In a similar manner, having a bad day can be reflected in your eating habits.

12- Binge Eating

Just the same way some respond to stress by holding themselves back from food, some others actually implement the opposite reaction, binge eating. Those people feel and think that if they have a bad day, stuffing their throats can be the solution and can relieve them from what they’re going through.

13- Refraining From Talking

Imagine you return home from school or work and try to engage and open a conversation with the family, but come to notice that one of the members is just refusing to talk or contribute in any way to the discussion. What would you conclude about that member? You might think that they had a bad day or are just aggravated by a certain situation.

14- Talking A Stride

Taking a stride in general is an amazing way to peel off the stress of a day or situation. No wonder people implement this technique when going through bad days. So seeing someone walking in a vigorous manner could indicate that they went through a bad day.

15- Appearance

This is a simple point yet true one. When examining a person to try to identify whether or not they had a bad day, it could be as simple as scanning his face or appearance. If you notice that the person is frowning or just doesn’t have his “normal face” on, then there’s definitely something going on.

16- Accidents

Getting into accidents is one of the worst, distressing feelings in life. More than that, accidents may impact our day and indicate the occurrence of a bad day. Accidents come in many shapes and forms, and since health is one of the most important aspects, it is significant to avoid accidents and stay safe.

17- Not Waking Up For An Alarm

Have you ever been in such a situation where you set your alarm for an important meeting on a Monday morning but wake up in shock to realize that you slept through your meeting and are very late for work? Of course other than missing the meeting, there are other consequences to face at work.

18- Waking With A Stiff Neck

A Stiff neck can be really painful and is caused by sleeping in incorrect position. Stiff necks can actually cause the day to not go as well as you hoped it would, and if really severe can result in a bad day. Patience may be a key in this situation along with slow neck exercises. Moreover, with time the neck pain will stop and you will be fine.

19- Ripping A Hole In Clothing

Bad days sometimes begin with ripping holes. A lot of people relate to this where when getting dressed to head out early morning, they rip a shirt or pair of pants unintentionally and just gets frustrated having a feeling that the day may even get worse.

20- Breaking A Valuable Possession

Ever broken a vase or glass sculpture at home that was valuable to you? Breaking such things can hurt a lot and set the vibe for the day making it a not-so-good day.

21- Your Car Not Starting

Oh cars…. This is such a common thing that happens a lot. You wake up one morning, take a shower, get dressed and put on one of your favorite colognes/perfumes before going to work. You head out through the garage to start the car but it would not start. Other than it being frustrating, it could actually set your day off track.

22- Having A Flat Tire

Similar to your car not starting, you could experience a flat tire or tires. This could also cause trouble especially if you need to get to work or get somewhere urgently. Again, given that this dilemma happens, you can implement a positive attitude and either take the bus or call a cab just until you get the car issue sorted.

23- Slipping While Walking

We all watched cartoons throughout our childhood I’m sure. Even as adults, we sometimes watch cartoons with our children and notice how a banana can cause people to slip. However, there are other surfaces on which a person could slip. Black ice for instance is another hazard that is not that visible and can cause people to slip. Slipping and hitting the ground can hurt really bad and certainly mess up any plans for the day and thus ruin the whole day.

24- Late Discovery Of Something Missing

This is one of the worst feelings you can have sometimes when you are headed to a certain destination and you think you have all your documents and belongings up until you reach your destination and discover that you forgot the most important document. Seriously, that feels bad and can disturb your mood in a few seconds.

25- Loss Of Cell Phone

Nowadays, cell phones are an essential part of our lives and one cannot operate to the fullest without a cell phone. With that being said… what do you think happens when one loses his phone? Well, for some, it is like the world ended. However, for others, it does not matter that much. Never let a simple thing like a cell phone ruin your day. Just think of others who never even looked at a cell phone.

26- Loss of Valuables

This is a very hard thing to accept. You put in blood, sweat, and tears to save up enough money to purchase that valuable, silver ring and all of sudden it is lost in a matter of minutes. This is certainly a big deal and sends women frantic.

27- Rejection

Rejection is never a good thing. We need to face the fact that life is not all about acceptance. Rejection actually helps us learn from mistakes and helps us improve ourselves. Getting a letter containing a rejection to a certain university or job position can be very stressful but remember that maybe this job or university was not the right one for you.

28- Pulling A Muscle

Exercising and moving around is such an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and can never be stressed enough. Unfortunately, there are advantages and disadvantages to everything in life. Stretching is just as vital as exercising and so it is vital to stretch properly and long enough as well as not over-train. Not following these procedures can result in pulling a muscle and thus cause the day to come to a bad end.

29- Food Poisoning

Food poisoning occurs when there is food contamination that can cause vomiting and diarrhea. The day you get food poisoning is not going to be an easy day and this can make your day a bad one. Always look to the full part of the cup and stay positive though so that you are not tangled up in the negativity.

30- Discovery Of New Commitments

Who does not want to finish all the commitments they have and all the debts they have piled up? I’m sure everyone does and it is shocking when you hear or discover a new commitment you need to cover or get done and set your day into a spiral. One piece of advice would be to take it step by step and just finish one commitment at a time. Do not get caught in the idea of having a lot to do and thinking about everything at the same time because that will make matters worse.



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