5 Reasons For Visualizing While In The Shower

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Not that is utterly complicated, I give you that. But I just wanted to share with you some tips of how I do my visualization exercises every day.

1. You do it everyday

That way, if you make it to become a habit, you’ll be visualizing every single day. And THAT is a very powerful thing long term. You have some free time to think, visualize, attract, imagine, dream…

2. You have some time alone

The bathroom, when you have kids in the house, it’s one of the sacred places for having some time alone. Enjoy it, and put it to a good use.

If you don’t get used to visualize in the shower, you can still use the bathroom time alone, for instance while brushing your teeth, to still visualize everyday.

3. You could relax

And connect to yourself. You’re naked, alone, in contact with water. That’s a great setting for connecting with your inner self.

It could be time for relaxation, connection but if you’re short on time it could become a hassle.

4. It’s a routine

As in any routine, you could incorporate small changes and twists to accomodate a personal growth tasts you’d like to start doing in a daily basis. Since I discovered it, I practically redesigned how I used to spend my 10 to 15 minutes every day showering.

5. You don’t think about it

We’re creatures of habit. And that’s a good thing, if you can manage to architecture a positive experience, something that reinforces what you want to achieve. I haven’t done the math, but I spend easily 1 hour a day in the bathroom. I think it’s a waste not to turn that time spent everyday into something positive and powerful.

Let me show you mine

Before you go, I wanted to share with you the 2 things that I’m doing most of the visualization these days. Normally, if to your visualization you add some visual element to it, even the more impactful.

The first one is a New York Times Best-Seller list with one of my books. I just wrote there “The Great Feast” but the idea is that could be any of my 10 books.

Gonzalo Arzuaga New York Times Best Selller List


And then, there’s an interview with Oprah I’d like to do. I know that it’s not me in the photo, but replacing the picture with mine does the trick for me.

Gonzalo Arzuaga interviewed by Oprah

Now, back to you

Please leave us your comments below. You could answer the question: What are you visualizing these days? Do you believe in the power of visualization?




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