Around 50 years ago, in a lost village near the mountains was Liza, this cute young girl, who was 9 when that horrible thing happened.

When Liza smiled, the world seemed to brighten up with her shiny, sparkling blue eyes.

But the day when her parents discovered she had one of the weirdest diseases in the world, their world came tumbling down. Only one in 10 million people gets that really weird disease that slowly kills all antibodies, one by one, in a slow and very painful way.

In an unbelievable turn of events, Charly, Liza’s 6 year old brother, got the disease when he was 3, they believed by the bite of a snake, but they couldn’t be so sure.

So naturally, giving Liza’s worsening condition, Charly became the first blood donor in the list.

Their parents rushed Charly to see his sis to the hospital only when Liza was reaching critical level. They decided they wanted to prevent all the suffering into a young little boy’s mind.

Their hunch was validated when they saw Charly’s shocked expression in his face, seeing his beloved sister in such an awful condition.

The doctor welcomed Charly with a warm smile and nice handshake. After 35 years being a doctor he was used to see scared expressions in young kids dealing with blood transfusion. But there was something really special in Charly’s face.

He looked petrified. Beyond fear, like he has seen death itself, and look at it in the eye for a long minute. “I’ll do anything for my sis” was the only words the doctor recalls coming out of Charly’s mouth when he asked him if he was ready.

The procedure went down normally, without a hitch. When they were done with the extraction, they offered him some cookies and chocolate milk to easy him up.

He still looked tense, serious, petrified. Without saying a word, he bit one cookie, not really into it, he was clearly absent minded.

When the doctor came back to check how the young boy was doing, big was his surprise when he heard Charly asking him, tears running down his cheeks: “Will I start to die right away?”

In all the stress his parents were going thru given Liza’s condition, they failed to inform him that he was going to be giving “some” of his blood to his sister, not “all” of it…

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