9 Year Old Girl Is On A Mission To Help The Homeless. Watch What She Does!

Young children typically have imaginary friends. Mine was named Stella. She was very nice, and always wanted to play.

When children grow up a little bit, they make real friends – friends that are their age. This is the natural progression of things. But not for the girl you are about to meet.

Hailey has a friend named Edward. He is not imaginary. And he is not her age. Most mothers I know would be alarmed to know the truth about Edward, which is that he is a homeless man. Typically you don’t want your 9 year old girl hanging out with men you don’t know. But in this case, a very special friendship formed from Hailey’s acts of kindness.

Hailey met Edward and saw that he needed help. So she did the only reasonable thing she could think of: she helped!

It started with a sandwich. It progressed to growing food. Now she is building him a shelter! Hailey says “I think everyone should have a place to live.” She is right, and she is making it come true.

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