He Was Abandoned Because Of The Way He Looked, Now He Is Changing People’s Lives

Beautiful is an interesting word. It’s meaning has changed over time – it has been morphed and twisted by leading figures throughout history. A new trend can emerge and change the meaning of beauty overnight.

As a woman, I grew up feeling like I needed to be beautiful. When I was growing up I never really worried about things like being smart or successful – I just felt so much pressure to be BEAUTIFUL.

I felt like I should be skinny. My hair should be silky and thick. My skin should be basically hairless. We all grow up feeling a pressure to be “beautiful” as defined by society. But now it’s time to reconsider what being “beautiful” actually means.

Jono Lancaster was abandoned when he was a child because of the way that he looks. Growing up, he was bullied. People have such a hard time accepting someone who is different. But wait until you see what Jono has done!

“I’ve learned to be proud of the way that I look. I love being me.”

Watch the video to meet Jono and see how he has helped others, and please SHARE this video to encourage everyone to accept others as they are.

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