7 Unavoidable And Harsh Truths About Why You Still Haven’t Achieved Your Goals

Are you a person that has goals that you do not know how to achieve, or have tried to achieve them but do not know what is stopping or hindering you? Setting goals is a very profound task sometimes and could get very wild and interesting sometimes in terms of ideas; however, real goals and achievements could be born from this brainstorming activity.

Thinking big and outside the box, and do not be afraid to fail because what is the point of succeeding the whole time? There is nothing to be learned from this. Also, if you choose to limit your dreams and goals because you are afraid you might fail, you might never get to the other side of the mountain. Dreaming big provides us with a window to be creative and perhaps end up thinking of an applicable idea.

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Moreover, goals are something we set to add purpose to our life because without purpose and drive, we are just wasting our time. We all have the right to set goals and achieve them, but sometimes things do not take the right turns and may take longer than we planned. Sometimes we may face road blocks and dead ends that we need to face and figure out a way to detour and resolve, but do not feel discouraged or demotivated to still go for your goal. The solution may involve changing our behavior and being a better version of ourselves.

We need to know that we can dream big and outside the box and that is empowering and exciting, but we will not achieve everything and anything we set our minds to; this is just the way life operates sometimes. However, that does not mean that we stop dreaming or moving in the direction of achieving our goals. Life can hit us and bring us down as much as it likes, but we need to stay strong and learn every time from our falls. Just believe that achieving what you want is certainly possible; you just need to follow consistently and tackle the goal one step at a time. Also, another good element is to eliminate anything that may slow your progress or stop you from moving forward.

We will discuss 7 unavoidable and harsh truths about why you’re still struggling to achieve your goals:

1. Your Perfectionism

Are you a perfectionist? Do you like doing things with extreme detail and complete things as best as you can? Perfectionism is a tricky one because you would think that wanting to do everything perfectly is something good; however it can turn against you and bite you. There are a lot of forms of perfectionism. One form is to want to do things and make them perfect in a way that ends up wasting your time in a way you do not imagine and leaves no time for other important or less important activities. You need to be careful that it is alright to finish things in a good state and that they do not have to perfect. This does not mean that your work lacks quality.

Quality and perfectionism are slightly different. You can do things with top quality and up to expectations but focusing and trying to perform small details that are not important as perfect as you can is perfectionism. That is why we need to try to focus on the main aspects of things and not get caught in the details of things that you miss the train to achieve your goals.

2. Using Someone Else’s Definition Of Success

Are you using a definition of success that is not yours? There are countless definitions of success in life, depending on what you want to achieve. So do you have established your own success definition; the perfect recipe for your success or are you using someone else’s definition of success. Success in nature is different depending on the individual and what is important for them, thus using someone else’s recipe would not work for the simple fact that their goals and dreams might be different than yours.

You have to define your own beliefs, goals, and values and implement them. Why should you waste your time with other people’s ideas of success? Yes, this is time wasting because you might think you are on your way to success by following what others did to succeed, but sometimes other people’s success does not equal your success. For instance, do you go a certain route in your car because someone else is taking that route? Be clear on your goals and what you want to achieve.

So, forget about what anyone else thinks or believes you should do, and do what you believe in because this will take you further; following others will not get you anywhere. This does not imply that you do not hear your parents tell you or suggest a certain major in university and just ignore their talk. Besides being your parents, having more experience, and knowing you inside out, they want the best for you. Thus, listen to their suggestions and advice, and have a productive argument presenting your thoughts and ideas.

3. Focusing Excessively On The End Result

Do you have the end result in mind when setting and writing down goals? Are you able to visualize how the situation would be when you achieve your goal? Thinking of the end result is something that is productive and is good because then you could work backwards and take the necessary steps to get to this end result.

Let us say you want to be a race driver, so you wander off with your thoughts and imagine yourself to be a famous race driver that is very successful. You are probably eager and cannot wait to reach your goals. However, focusing excessively on the end result can turn against us. It can cause us to be impatient and want whatever it is we want, right now or else we feel angry and miserable. We need to realize that things and life do not work in such a way and so the best thing to do is to enjoy the process and go through it step by step and focus less on the end result.

4. Having Unfinished Work

Are you the kind of person that finishes his work once started, or do you move on to something else once you feel like you will not be able to finish or complete it? It is very important that you finish the work you decided to be committed to before moving onto another goal or project, otherwise things could go wrong.

Unfortunately, we are often thought of and judged by the tasks we finish and not the ideas, principles we have in mind, or even the projects we started. Blaming your uncompleted work on excuses and not finishing business is not going to get you to achieve your goals. What you can do is focus on a couple of goals that are most vital and stick with them with perseverance until they are completed.

Moreover, what is the point of setting goals and not powering through until the end? We should not be setting random goals that we are not committed and dedicated to. This could be a serious harsh truth why we still have not achieved our goals. Stick to just one goal and devise a way to work through it, thus increasing your chances of accomplishing it.

5. Not Writing Down Your Goals

Do you write your goals done or do you have them memorized in your head? More than that, do you think there is a problem with not writing your goals down? Well, it is not really a problem per se all the time, but once we are busy with many things, if we do not write down our important goals they might get sandwiched our other daily activities and tasks.

There is a saying that mentions, “An unwritten goal is merely a wish.” Thus, do not keep your goals stuck in your head. Instead, write them down so that you do not have to worry about the risk of forgetting them and increase your chances of working on them each and every day. This way your goals are real and you hold yourself accountable for accomplishing them.7

6. Having Vague Goals

Are you setting detailed, clear, achievable and measurable goals? Or are you being sketchy and superficial by setting unclear, ambiguous goals that you want to achieve? A very simple example of this would be that someone wants to set a goal to make a lot of money. Well, ok this is a goal, but how are you going to achieve it and why do you want to achieve it? It is like you drew a black and white picture and still are missing filling it in with colors.

Such set goals could be one of the leads to not achieving your goals or taking much more time to accomplish it compared to the time if you had set a much clearer goal. Instead of a rather imprecise goal of going to the gym for instance, make it more specific; like running for 20 minutes and then weight lifting for the rest of the hour.
Moreover, we need to dream and think big.

Do not think that by making your goals more specific, you are dreaming out of this world and that you will not be able to achieve your goals. However, at the same time your dreams need to be reasonable and achievable. A good strategy to use when setting and writing goals is to think of the three letter word “CAM.” “CAM” is merely a strategy abbreviated to mean clear, achievable, and measurable. Now, what this means is that your goals need to be clearly defined; we do not need those general goals. Moreover, the second aspect is that the goal needs to be achievable.

You need to be able to achieve this goal in the future and for it to be within your reach. The last element is the measurable part. Do you know what it means for a goal to be measurable? This means that you want to set a goal you are able to measure as you go through achieving it. In other words, you need to be able to monitor your progress and steps towards this goal; grading yourself and observing what you can improve. These are the three elements your goals need to possess in order for your goals to be real.

Expanding more on the third element of the CAM strategy, we need to make sure we measure our progress carefully to have an idea if the way we are approaching the task is correct or needs adjustment. If a goal satisfies all these rules, do not be afraid to dream it. Also, do not be afraid to fail, because failing may help us improve.

7. Taking Big Steps

We need to realize that to achieve our goals, we need to be patient and hard working. Moreover, we need to be aware that any path takes time to go through and consists of small steps that help prepare you for the success you are about to witness and go through.

Are you a person that is willing to take these small steps to rake the reward, or do you believe in taking small but steady steps in attempt to accomplish your goals? Taking big steps can sometimes cause us worry, fear, and compel us to not even try or give up halfway through our goals. Thus, divide your goals well into small branches, then into sub-branches, until you have a list of everyday tasks to do and this will get you the whole tree. Also, make your goals so easy and quick that you will be forced to say yes and cannot complain or refuse.

Achieving your goals is not an easy thing and needs patience, perseverance, and conscientiousness. It takes some guts and requires motivation and drive as well as other factors to ensure that you reach your destination.

Furthermore, you need to be careful because there are a lot of things that could cause drawbacks and set you back a couple of steps every time you move one step on the correct road. Go through the above truths that could cause such hindrances and delays and try to avoid them to reach and slash through achieving your goals. Be aware though that the above reasons are just a few of the reasons that affect you and what affects you does not necessarily affect others.

What goals are you currently working on? Tell us in the comments section below.



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