11 Most Powerful Reasons You Are Scared Of Big, Ambitious Goals

A fear of things can keep you from reaching goals especially when those fears de-stabilize other emotions and characteristic attributes of self. Fear may be a big part of our lives but we do not have to let it keep us from reaching the places that we wish to reach.

These 11 most powerful reasons why you are scared of big, ambitious goals illustrate common fears and feelings of being insufficient. With fear the most common feeling in each of them and a lack of ambition stemming from this fear being next, overcoming these things can help you achieve the success you wish to see in your life with a new vibrancy you probably did not realize you had.

1. Fear Of Rejection

Everyone has experienced a fear of rejection and we have all been rejected at some point. Understanding that rejection is not the end of things can help you continue moving in the direction of finding your voice, your energy in pursuing big goals.

So take rejection in stride and welcome to the club! Focus on ways to get past it and make plans to keep you progressing. Do not let this fear take away your passion.

2. Fear Of Failure

A fear of failure can be an intense feeling. Like rejection, failure can leave you feeling as if you cannot continue down that path to success. See failure as one of life’s casual lessons and re-strategize. After all, if you really want something, not even failure nor fear can stop you.

Reach for gold and put the stressful thoughts of not succeeding at anything behind you. Also imperative, do not let past failures determine whether you can succeed at a new pursuit. Instead, look at them, understand what and how you could have done differently and make changes as necessary.

3. Fear Of Stumbling

Stumbling along the way is a process in almost every pursuit. If you stumble, get back up. There is no reason to fear a little fall now and then. Heal from it, dust yourself off and pay closer attention to where you are going. Sooner or later, you will find yourself stumbling against road blocks in life less and less and continuing on a smoother path as you inch nearer to your goals.

4. Fear Of What Comes Next

Wondering what will come next after you make it to the top? Leave those worries for later and focus instead on getting to where you want to be. You never know how things will turn out but the best thing you can do is to continue trying.

Weariness and fear can make matters worse. Instead think positive and allow things to flow. Once you reach those goals, ask yourself what it is you would like to see come next and make plans on how to get there. Life is sometimes like climbing a ladder. Every step we take we motivate ourselves to take another step until we obtain utter contentment.

5. Fear Of Isolation

On the journey of our pursuits we can face a number of isolating factors especially if we feel we are not getting the encouragement we need.

Good news: Isolation does not always have to be bad.

See this alone time as a chance to really go over your plans and improve where needed. Your passions are after all your own. Involuntarily taking the time to really focus on them can benefit your long term goals and re-enforce our drive. Do not see isolation as a negative thing, rather turn it into something positive and beat fear before fear beats you.

6. Finding The Energy To Keep On Going

It is easy to become idle after the stress of feeling like things are really going nowhere. The best thing you can do is to find the energy you need to keep on going. Surround yourself with all things positive, change your outlook on life, and seek out motivational factors that energize all aspects of your being.

Having the energy needed to accomplish goals is as important as breathing air. Having energy to complete ambitious goals can really determine whether we get there or not. Energy is a driving force in everything that we do.

7. What If It Is Too Big For You To Accomplish

Never say never! Nothing is too big to accomplish nor too great to achieve. Keep yourself in the game of life and see yourself as capable of doing anything that the next person can do.

Once you start seeing yourself as capable, with the strength to get yourself through all obstacles, all that seemed big will suddenly seem achievable. As easy to take on as the smaller steps. So keep on accomplishing and see everything as a challenge worth taking on.

8. Urgent Need To Be Perfect

Nothing is ever perfect so there is no need to create unwanted stress over getting everything perfect. If you know you are doing the best that you can to achieve your goals keep on doing just that. See perfection in your hard work and dedication and focus on how good it feels knowing that you are even trying at all.

Perfection is what you make of it. Try not to stress yourself thinking about other peoples opinion of perfection. Focus on your dreams.

9. Lack Of General Know-How

Sometimes what holds us back the most is a lack of understanding on how to even get started. Sometimes, just taking a step in the direction is enough to get started.

From writing a book to starting a business or even finding a long lost loved one, simply doing what you know best may help get you started in accomplishing goals.

Along the way, you learn and perhaps are inspired by others who have had a similar passion as yourself. Let the inspiration guide you and keep on trying new ways as long as you are in pursuit. Add a little more sugar to your tea, adventure in your life and do not be afraid of the unexpected.

10. Lack Of Encouragement

Unfortunately, encouragement can be hard to find for some of us. Why not find ways to encourage yourself?

Simple ways to do so include finding effective quotes from role models and sources of inspiration including books and using that as your motto. Telling yourself that you can achieve even the most difficult of things can also be encouraging. Simply waking in the morning can also be a motivation to get you started on those hopes and dreams that yes, you are entitled to enjoy as long as you believe you can.

11. Lack Of Ambition

And finally, a lack of ambition can create all sorts of problems in the pursuit of goals. Lack of ambition stems from general fears attributed to the way we see ourselves or through the way we believe others to see us.

Be confident. Understand that the key to success is in your own hands. Embrace your ambitious dreams and do not let them go. Have faith in knowing that as long as you carry ambition with you, fear cannot overcome you.

These 11 most powerful reasons why you are scared of big, ambitious goals can keep you living a life of fear. Discover your determination and stand strong in the face of fear. Find your own strength and reach those ambitious goals in no time!

What ambitious goals are you working on? We’d love to hear about them. Please share your journey in the comments below.

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