37 Creative Ways To Avoid Bad Energy In Your Life

All of us face bad energy at one point or another. It keeps us from achieving some of our goals, it prevents us from making our dreams come true and sometimes impedes our emotional, professional and health progress. Here are some tips on how to cope with this problem, free our mind, and avoid negative energy in our environment:


1. Be Determined

Getting rid of bad energy is not easy, you have to be determined to change. However,  J.G. Goethe once said, “Everything is hard before it is easy.”, and this is a very true statement. In the beginning it is tough, but as you go on, you learn more and realize it is getting easier, and you are getting closer to your goal.


2. Make The Decision

Promise yourself you will do it, and you will persevere all the way. And remember: “Perseverance is the secret ingredient to accomplishment.”


3. Stay Positive

Bad energy is often directly related to negative beliefs. Try to neutralize such beliefs by procreating new, positive ones. For example, one of the common negative beliefs – ‘I am unsuccessful’. Many people will not think this is true, but it is unlikely that they will tell you so. Some of them will consider you as successful, but you will respectfully disagree with those. It is a matter of a perspective, and here is another one: if you are unsuccessful, there are many more people even less successful than yourself. And many of them would admire you. There are also those more successful than yourself – you should aim towards achieving the goals they achieved. So the new, improved version of the belief would be “Maybe I am unsuccessful, but I am more successful than some other people. If I managed to be more successful than them, I can be more successful than I am now!” Being positive is a perfect cure for bad energy, so you should stick to this attitude.


4. Do Not Reinforce It

We often do this by gathering false evidence to back up the belief, and by repeating it over and over again. If you keep reinforcing it, and repeating it to yourself, eventually it will become true. Here is a very true example: during my elementary school, I liked mathematics. I was very good at it and took part in several competitions. However, one day we got a new classmate who became my best friend. She was very bad at math, and she talked about it all the time. “It is so difficult, I cannot do it. It makes no sense to study this.” Eventually, my math grades started lowering. At one point, I was completely lost. I did not understand what was going on, why is my favorite subject suddenly so difficult and impossible to master? Then it hit me: her limiting beliefs became mine as I spent all of my free time with her. I stopped socializing with her, and then everything was fine. No negative influence, not negative suggestions. I tell this true story to everyone who does not recognize the bad energy arising out of limiting beliefs.


5. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Avoid people who emit negative energy. The previous example proves that this would be a great piece of advice.


6. Avoid Criticizing Yourself

Do not criticize yourself without changing the course of action in the new, better direction. Every time you do this, you are pacing backwards and will eventually end up in a middle of a vicious circle, which in consequence can be very difficult to leave.


7. Try To Challenge Yourself

Make a goal to achieve within a definite time frame and give your best to achieve it. Imagine it is the most important thing in your life, and invest your efforts and potential in order to achieve it. It is common knowledge among all of the personal development experts that if a person is sufficiently motivated, she/ he can achieve just about anything. There are no limits. None. It will blow away the bad energy in an instant and help you grow personally.


8. Be Patient

You have to work on this every day of every week of every month of your life. Many people think that forming a new habit allegedly takes 21 days – even though this is considered as a myth by some people. A myth or not, it does not really matter. The point is, you have to struggle every day, and you will not get to the point where it is locked in forever, and you don’t have to fight it any more. It is like food; 3-4 hours after you are done with your meal, you feel the need to eat again. You have to fight bad energy again and again.


9. Be Playful

When you start feeling bad energy, redirect your mind on positive things you did that day, or try to think about nice things that happened to you. Try to think of all the things you should be thankful for by comparing yourself to people who are disabled in any way, who are in much worse situation than yourself, and who would be happy to be blessed by the things you have, and you do not even notice.


10. Change Your Attitude

Focus on the things you want, instead of the things you do not want. Do not think about how not to fail, how not to make mistake or how not to gain weight. Think how to succeed, how to be accurate, and how to lose weight.


11. Lower Your Expectations

Have in mind that there are some things that can happen to prevent you from doing something you planned to do – and I am talking about the things out of your control. Be sure to give your best about the things that are in your control, but be prepared that something that is out of your control can come up. And that is not a failure. That is life.


12. Do Not Let Your Past Define You

There are maybe some events in the past that you are not proud of. Some reminders of these events bring a cloud of bad energy floating around you. Nevertheless, this does not mean that this event is likely to happen again, or that it will happen again. It means that you made a mistake, and as the Latins put it “Errare humanum est.” – “To err is human.” We learn from our mistakes, that is why we do not repeat them (or we should try not to repeat them). This is how we grow, each of the mistakes teaches us some new lesson that we can use in the future.


13. Do Not Fear Change

Fear of change is a powerful tool, and sometimes it can interfere with your decision to make some healthy changes in your life. It is usually reflected in your resistance towards the new idea. You can decrease this resistance by identifying it and making a plan to transform it.


14. The More You Know, The Better

Enhance your knowledge about people, their personalities and personal development. You will notice the correlation among these categories and it will enable you to find a path applicable to your situation. Soon enough, you will see that you are not the only one with this problem and this will help you realize there is a solution.


15. Keep Positive Company

Try to socialize with people who seem to have a strong personality because these people recognize the power of bad energy and hence avoid it at all costs. Bad energy related to negative beliefs can be contagious (as you can see from the tip No. 3), therefore positive people can have an enormous positive influence on your personal development.


16. Start A New Hobby

You often feel overwhelmed by bad energy when your mind is idle. Starting a new hobby will help you focus on something, and if you opt for a creative one that is a plus, because you will get an instant gratification after completing the project and you will see the product of your work. Bad energy will turn into a positive one in no time!


17. Avoid Limitations

When you are planning how to achieve your goal and make your dream come true, ignore all of the obstacles you are facing or you may face on the way. When you realize what is the best way to do it, go back and ‘attack’ the obstacles. While doing so, you will come to the conclusion that bad energy is just a matter of attitude, not a matter of fact.


18. Avoid Negativity

Turn the negative “what ifs” positive. Instead of “What if everything fells apart?”, try “What if something positive happens unexpectedly?”. The likelihood of each scenario is the same, so why not go for the positive one?


19. Pay Attention To The Compliments

Listen to the compliments of other people. When they say “you are smart”, or “you are hard-working”, do not dismiss it as irrelevant because they “do not know you”. There is some reason that makes them say that, and this can be a great way to neutralize bad energy that may hover around.


20. Avoid Artificial Conclusions    

Do not make your own conclusions and force your rules on life because you can be very wrong, and                often you are. For example, “If I cannot do this, I must be really stupid!” It will attract bad energy, and you don’t want to do that.


21. Where Does It Come From?

Check the origin of bad energy – where does it originate from? When you relate them to their origin, it may help you understand why is it still around, and ultimately remove it from your mind and mood.


22. Embrace Failure

Failure is not the justification for the existence of bad energy. Failure is sometimes caused by some external factors and is considered as part of success. Therefore, it should relate to good energy instead of the bad one.


23. Learn Something New

Learn something new whenever you have the opportunity to do so, preferably every day. It can be empowering.


24. Embrace Obliviousness

Your obliviousness can be useful. Use it to forget negative things, failures, misunderstandings, problematic people, events or some problems. It can be a blessing.


25. There Is Always A Reason

Everything happens for a purpose. Having this in mind can make your struggle easier.


26. The Golden Mean

Do not underestimate yourself, but be careful not to overestimate yourself either. Each of the two extremes can be detrimental.


27. Take Responsibility

Do not play the victim. Take responsibility of your life. No bad energy is an excuse.


28. Gold Can Not Be Pure And People Cannot Be Perfect

No one is perfect. Neither are you. When you realize that bad energy is coming from there, you can easily make it disappear.


29. No Matter How Successful You Become, Negative Comments Will Always Be Around

Ignore the negative comments you get. Unless they are in form of a constructive critique. People like to talk and especially if they notice you are being irritated by their comments, they will keep doing it. Don’t let their comments throw you in a cloud of bad energy.


30. Extremes Are No Good

Do not think in extremes, life is not black and white. Instead of “I will certainly fail the exam.”, go   for  “I could do better, but alright.”


31. Your Mistakes Are No Worse

Do not consider your mistakes necessarily larger than mistakes of other people. At least consider them equally wrong.


32. Do Not Forget The “Small Things”

Remember that small things make people happy. Do not ignore the “small things” because you have some negative thoughts or unpleasant people to deal with.


33. Make New Friends

Make friends with new people you meet. Try to learn about different perspectives and opinions.


34. Be Constructive

When you think about yourself, be constructive. Let this bad energy comes up just as a starting point of getting to a solution, and in no event let it be the major topic of your “inner dialogue”.


35. Negativity is Bad Indeed

A research conducted in UK showed that self blame can play the key role in some of the most common mental health problems. An additional reason to fight bad energy and bad thought in the right way!


36. Let The Future Concern Stay In Future

Do not worry in advance, because this is one of the ways to attract negative energy. Anticipating the worst possible scenario is a great recipe for attracting negative energy and quickly worsening your mood.


37. Recognize The Power Of  Positivity

Do not minimize positive energy arising out from positive things. It will not help you and, it is not fair towards yourself. If people would magnify positive things as they magnify negative things, the world would be a much better place!

Some of these tips will certainly help you get rid of bad energy so when it hits you don’t forget that there are numerous ways to avoid it!

Bonus #1 – Pretend it doesn’t matter

I was sitting in church today and one of my best friends hates it when people interrupt the lesson yelling out, “Amen!” or whatever. I thought to myself, “If it was a kid or someone who could not physically control himself,” she wouldn’t let the “Amens” bother her. She’d just let them fade into the background because no amount of effort would stifle them.

What if we just looked at the people who annoy us and said to ourselves. “That’s them. That’s the way they do things. I’m going to enjoy my day whether or not that person has disruptive behavior.” Don’t own their problem and don’t make it your responsibility to “teach them a lesson.” Just use it as an excuse to focus more on what YOU want … whatever that is.

(Shared by Andrea Robinson in the comments below). Thanks Andrea!




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