9 Awesome Things You Could Be Doing In Life Instead Of Looking At Yet Another Screen

It seems these days that sitting on a computer, in front of a television or staring into a mobile phone have become many people’s favorite pass times. If you are currently outside going about your daily business, have a look around you. I bet the number of people fiddling with their smart phones is more than the number of those doing other things like actually speaking to people.

We are now in a day and age where people seem to prefer “anonymous” interaction instead of face to face. I bet that you unfortunately fall in this category as well. I will not deny it. I do too. But, let it not end there!

Here are 9 awesome things you could be doing in life instead of looking at yet another screen. Why not give these things a try? You might actually find yourself suddenly feeling comforted that there is more to life than technology, realize some new things and discover some new feelings. Check it out:

1. Go For A Walk

This one seems cliché yet it actually works. Trust me. By taking even a brisk walk not only do you exercise sore legs and strain caused by sitting in front of a computer all day, you also remind yourself to breath and enjoy other aspects to life. Welcome in the fresh air, enjoy the sight of the sky, earth and trees all around you and greet people as you stroll on by.

2. Try Taking A Vacation Without Bringing Your Phone Or Laptop

Time for your annual vacation time? Whether you stay locally or travel abroad somewhere, try doing so without bring your phone or laptop. Enjoy the sights and enjoy the overall retreat. Experience how your mind relays information without the help of a computer device and focus on the natural world.

Maybe bring a journal so you can write down your thoughts and experiences and share them with friends later. If you are really used to using the technological devices and gadgets every day and most of your time, this can be a new experience which will help you realize that detaching yourself from the  technology for some time makes you feel relaxed and careless.

3. Randomly Visit A Friend

Have a friend that you have gotten into a pattern of texting and face-booking instead of actually meeting face to face even though they live nearby? Try surprising them with a visit. Maybe bring some wine or a cake or something and deliver it to them as a good will gesture.

Not only is this a positive experience for you it will definitely be so for them as well. Because of social media, many friends and encounters tend to slip into the cyber world. Do not let that be the only way you communicate with someone you care about. Pay them a visit and let them know you still value their actual physical self.

4. Find A Competitive Activity That Motivates You To Get Outdoors

Do you enjoy sports? Maybe hiking or perhaps want to join a workout program that motivates you to be active daily? Find an activity that gets you outdoors and away from televisions and electronics. Build stamina and willpower. Activate your body and mind. Find something that you enjoy doing and take it outside. Activity is the best way to keep yourself busy and away from computers all day

5. Volunteer

Volunteering keeps you active as well. Volunteer in a kid’s program or homeless shelter. Maybe volunteer at a local church, mosque or synagogue and give back to the community. Not only is this awesome, you learn a lot about others and especially learn a lot about yourself through your work with others. The world does not revolve around taking selfies, rather the world keeps on spinning because of simple acts of kindness and humanity

6. If You Have One, Pursue What You Have Decided To Do On Your Bucket List

Bucket lists are a perfect way to organize those things in life you wish to do before it may be too late. Maybe find one or several things that are currently within your means to do on your personal list and pursue them. Don’t put things off because you would rather spend time on the phone. Organize your list and approach these activities with confidence and readiness. Your goals and ambitions should not have to wait but your phone can

7. Pursue Those New Year Resolutions You Have Yet To Begin

I have never met a person who has accomplished everything they have on a New year’s list of things to accomplish. Yet we tell ourselves time and again that this year this will be different. Well keep true to your word and seek to accomplish some of your goals for the year.

Want to lose weight? Move away from the screen and spend time on your feet.

Want to try and focus more on work or school? Well limit the amount of time you spend on the computer everyday and turn off your phone while at work or school to better focus on what is in front of you.

You will be surprised how effective it is to spend time away from some technology and actually figure out how to accomplish without it.

8. Go On A Real Life Date

This one is fun and can be of course relaxing and positive. Try going on a real date- maybe meet someone in real life instead of on the internet. This way there are no surprises and you get to know someone through observation and up close communication.

Even if you are not looking for a partner, going out with friends is also a good way to loosen up and also another awesome way to avoid screens. If you are married or in a partnership, don’t let your love of social networking ruin your relationship. Plan a date night and enjoy real company.

9. Spend Some Time In Introspection

By turning off those devices, spend time working on ways you can improve. Introspection is best when distraction is limited. Internet is probably the biggest distraction out there with all the information available it has become perhaps the world’s favorite pass time activity.

Spend time in self-reflection. By limiting the time you spend searching social media and looking through the pictures, snap shots and general status updates of friends, you can find time to evaluate your own life and self. Some internet sites can really have a negative influence on the way you see the world, yourself and others. It is best to take time and come back to reality. Regain that positivity that is within each and every one of us.

Enjoy the simple things in life again the way it was when we were children. Remind yourself to be alive and consider these 9 awesome things you could be doing in life instead of looking at yet another screen as a guide to get you up and about again interacting with life and the world beyond.

The best way to understand the world and how you fit in is to actually experience it. Technology may be one of the many doors open to you for this experience, but don’t forget everything else that is standing there waiting to welcome you back.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not staring at screens?

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