They Told Her She Wouldn’t Be Able To Have A Baby Because Of Her Cancer. They Were Wrong!

Childbirth is an absolute miracle. To a lot of women, the words “you can’t have a baby” would be a huge blow. Maternal instincts are a very strong thing, and sometimes women who are unable to have babies feel like their purpose has been taken away from them.

Charlie Dryden was told that she wouldn’t be able to have a baby, and it was very hard for her. But it was a choice she made. A very hard choice indeed. Charlie was also told that she had cancer, and that it was her treatment that would make her unable to be a mother. Having to choose between life and death, Charlie proceeded with the treatment, under the impression that she would never have her own child.

And then one day, a miracle happened. She was pregnant! Watch this darling video where Charlie tells her mom that she is having a baby. They are both so joyful!

Grab the tissues! Watch this video to see how Charlie’s mother reacts when she tells her she is pregnant and please SHARE this with the mothers in your life who will appreciate it.

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