He Delivers Bags Of Love To The Homeless

There are many people that are homeless across America. It is a sad thing to see people sleeping out on the streets when the shelters are full to capacity.

This story was so inspirational to me, because this man was unable to sit by and watch people suffer. He and his wife have developed a true passion for feeding the homeless.

Not only does he have a ministry to the homeless, but he was able to open a food pantry to help families in need. I’m very passionate about food pantry ministries in my own life.

A few years ago, I worked with my church to put together bags of food for those in need. It was an amazing feeling to come together and meet the needs of my community.

Now, my husband is a food pantry director for a facility right down the road from my home. This effort feeds around 3,000 people a month.

Watching this video warmed my heart, because I know that my husband and I are not in this alone. There are more and more efforts developing across America to help people realize the need for feeding the hungry.

If this video affected you the way it did me, be sure to SHARE IT with someone. Be a part of getting the word out that there are people in need of food, and we can all do something about it.

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