She Uses His Bento Box To Encourage Him Everyday

I find the traditions of other cultures to be intriguing and encouraging. It is so interesting to learn how families relate to one another in different parts of the world.

When it comes to packing school lunches, it is more universal than I thought. Each night, I help my boys get their lunch together.

On days when I’m really on it, I throw a little note inside the box when they aren’t looking. It is my way of speaking words of encouragement to them during the school day.

After learning about this Japanese tradition, I am amazed at how much can be said through a meal. This mother prepares her son’s bento box every single morning with all the love in her heart. The best cooked meals are always the ones that are made with a caring hand.

If this video struck a chord in your heart, be sure to SHARE it with someone else. I think that taking a hint from the Japanese might be a good idea for me as my boys grow older and become teenagers.

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