Meet The Best Broom Salesman In The World

When I see a salesman at my door, I let out a sigh. This is going to take forever. He is going to tell me all about this product that I don’t want, and then fight me when I say no!

Have you felt like that before?

Salesmen have a bad reputation. But here is one story that might change the way you think about them all together!

Meet Melvin.

Melvin is 81-years-old and he has been selling brooms for about 63 years. 63 YEARS! He makes his way about Little Rock, Arkansas with a stack of $10 brooms and sells them like you won’t believe!

He isn’t just trying to get you to buy something – he makes you smile, he makes your day better! He is truly a joyous individual that the community is lucky to have.

And why is he still working?

Not because he needs to! He says, “You can’t quit. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits!”

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