Best Father’s Day Video Ever!

When I look back, I have so many happy memories with my dad. When I was little I would put on his boots and walk around. They covered my legs completely. Then I would put on his cowboy hat and I would pretty much disappear all together.

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Dad was my superhero. He was there with me through everything. He took me camping, helped me paint my bedroom walls bright blue, and moved all of my stuff when I went away to college. He taught me how to work hard and treat people with respect. My dad means so much to me, and sometimes I don’t know how to tell him that.

How can we ever show our fathers how much they mean to us?

It’s almost Father’s Day and it’s time to let them know that we love them to the moon and back. What better way than through the voice of a child. This is absolutely the cutest way to say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

I love this – it’s so creative! Watch the video to see this great tribute to Dads and all that they do for us, and please SHARE this great video with a Dad in your life!

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