This Video Shows How Strong A Bond Between Brothers Can Be. What A Great Surprise!

There’s nothing stronger than the connection between brothers. Especially brothers who have endured rough experiences together. Bailey and Meyers are the perfect example.

Hardship helps bring people closer together. And These brothers have endured their fair share of hardship.

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Bailey took over as a father figure to his younger brother Meyers when their father passed away. They provided support and encouragement for each other every step of the way. They were more than brothers; they were best friends.

When he got older, Bailey joined the Marines and was sent to Afghanistan. Meyers was left without his brother for the first time in his life. It was a hard loss, and it made their reunion quite a remarkable thing to witness.

Bailey came home from Afghanistan and decided to surprise his brother. Meyer was in the middle of a basketball practice when Bailey walks into the gym. He could not have asked for a better interruption.

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The touching moment is captured on tape. Watch the video to see Meyer’s reaction, and please SHARE this with someone who is missing a good friend.

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