9 Of The Worst Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem

Finding our self-worth can be a daunting challenge. We learn from all we do from trying everything from changing our looks to our perspectives. Here are 11 of the worst ways to boost self esteem. See below for a shortcut, things you do not need to try, to get you feeling confident and respecting yourself. Find pride in who you are doing so in the most positive and enlightening way possible.

1. Be A Copy-Cat

With so much media constantly pointing to the way celebrities and socialites live their lives it is no wonder many others may suffer from a lack of confidence. Media tells us we have to look a certain way and live a certain way even if it is beyond our means. The worst you can do when looking to boost your self-esteem is to copy or emulate these celebrities. They live in a plastic world and have to act out in order to get attention as that is their chosen job.

Yes you may see plenty of others doing as celebrities do but ask them, where exactly is that imitation getting them? Other than labels, I do not think that by copying you will find that people really see you. What is the point in the end? You on the other hand, are an individual truly worthy in your uniqueness.

Just be you and you will find that many people like realness. If you find that being you is what creates the problem, really try and relax, study yourself and see how you can create a positive and lasting deeper change in your life.

2. Stepping On Others To Reaffirm Yourself

Sometimes it is hard to even know that we may be doing this. Stepping on others to reaffirm yourself is not going to boost your self-esteem. Sure you may find yourself climbing higher ladders, you may find yourself getting quicker to where you want to be but while you are at it, eventually you may find yourself alone with no support and encouragement.

In the end, you may find yourself spinning back down. That glory you once in your ill-gotten gain, suddenly becomes your worst nightmare.

3. Investing Too Much Money In Material Things Whenever You Feel Down

It is all so easy to go out and buy something each time you feel down thinking that by adding something else to your “collection” you will suddenly feel great again. While buying new clothing and other apparel certainly does boost self-esteem, as you reach for your wallet consider asking yourself “do I really need this and will it truly make me happy?”

Call me old fashioned, but I find that putting money away in a savings account and having it there when I really need it keeps me feeling confident and self-assured. Not that life is all about money, but we do live in an age where consumerism is at an all-time high with marketing and advertisements in our face everywhere we turn. It is so easy to get caught up in spending money as a way to boost confidence but when we really think hard about it, why do we do this?

4. Comparison To Someone Else

A lot of us have that friend or acquaintance who just seems so perfect in personality and looks. We may find that we often compare ourselves to this person noting everything that we do not have when it comes to character and beauty.

We may find that we reassure ourselves by making observations such as “well they are not as smart as me” or perhaps through intense scrutinizing find that they have some sort of flaw like crooked teeth and judge them based off of that to boost our own ego. Consider just letting it be.

Everyone has flaws and everyone has something great that makes them who they are. Find your greatness and work on keeping it that way. Work on yourself and stop comparing yourself to others especially when it comes to looks and personality. Everyone is different.

5. Ignoring Problem Areas In Your Life

Ignoring problems only often makes them worst. Sure you may find that your self-esteem seems stable or higher than usual when you push things aside but let me tell you, these feelings do not last! Do not make matters worse.

Take care of problems as they arise. That does not mean you have to let them define you. Just acknowledge them, do what you need to do to calm the situation and get back on track. The harder you work and the more you do to keep your life in perspective the better your confidence and self-esteem can be.

6. Eating Away Sorrows

Think a couple of donuts or some greasy fries can make you feel happy and boost your self-esteem? Think again. While these foods contain the sugar and carbohydrate that get the body feeling energized- it is a fake sense of energy that will have you feeling down again in no time.

While some of us may be “foodies” and we truly enjoy the things we put in our mouths, be careful and do not hide behind food. Eating too much of nothing can have a negative effect on your health and body and eat away at your spirits.

7. Beating Yourself Up

Do not beat yourself up when things seem to be going awry. While a little self-criticism is often a good way to become more conscious and therefore confident in your capabilities, too much can have a negative effect leaving you feeling incapable and inferior.

People with low self-esteem often beat themselves up even when they make the smallest of mistakes. Why then would you choose to do the same when you are trying to build yourself up? Give yourself a boost instead by admiring your accomplishments each day.

8. Not Seeking Help When Things Become Too Hard

When life becomes hard, do not just let it be and believe that it is your destiny if you know you cannot handle it on your own.

Seek help if you can. Find someone you trust or look for inspiration in all the right places. This will surely be a boost in self-esteem. There are many great ways you can change your direction from starting fresh and new to re-strategizing and planning. Sure, some of us do enjoy a good challenge but one that is too big for even the president to handle?! The world is too heavy to carry alone so do not bother even trying to do so.

9. Become An Internet Narcissist

And last but certainly not least, avoid becoming an internet narcissist looking for petty compliments and “likes” from people you may not even know or care to know. All those social media internet sites that have you posting sometimes edited altered pictures in weird poses with strange faces are not where you should be finding your confirmation from.

Your confirmation of yourself comes from within. It comes from the hard and valuable work you do, the positive changes you make in your life, your knowledge personal gain, everything that has gotten you to where you are today. A little like on a picture might make you feel flattered, but your looks are not everything you are or who you can be.

Do you know of any good, positive ways to boost self esteem? Please share them in the comments below.

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