They Were Born Without Arms, But They Smile Every Day. This Story Will Inspire You!

You don’t think about how much you use something until you can’t. Have you ever had an injury that prevented you from using your arm? I have, and it makes life a billion times more difficult. Awhile back I broke my arm and had to wear a cast. I felt helpless! I wasn’t able to do a lot of the things I normally could, and had to ask people to help frequently.

We use our arms for EVERYTHING. Can you imagine not having them??

You are about to meet Timmy and Linda. Neither of them have ever known a life with arms. They have a rare condition where they were born without them. You would think that this would get in the way of living a normal life, but it doesn’t. They don’t let it change anything. In fact, they are just about the happiest, go-getter people that I have ever seen.

“Being born without arms hasn’t affected me much. It never occurred to me that I was different.”

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