Boy Has A Beautiful Gift For His Sick Sister

Children are adorable. When we are children, we are innocent. We make smile and make others smile even on the most difficult days. Our world is all about curiosity and adventure. And then suddenly, we grow up.

For awhile, life is a series of emotional outbursts. Growing up is confusing. We are just trying figure out who we are and what we want to be. We feel a lot of pressure to do and be certain things, and it can often lead to us making some poor decisions. Many kids get wrapped up in things that they would rather not be a part of – things that their parents don’t like. We make the wrong friends, do things we shouldn’t and stay out too late. But eventually, we figure it out.

Things aren’t always what they seem. We may go through hard times, but our heart is in the right place. And someday we will make the right decisions.

This story is about a boy. His parents think that he is up to no good, but watch what he does. What a twist! Watch this video to see his gift for his sister and please SHARE this with someone to make their day.

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