This Boy Was Longboarding Before He Knew How To Walk!

You never know when a good idea is going to hit you. I often have great ideas when I lay down to go to sleep. I keep a pen and a pad of paper beside my bed in case I need to scribble something down in the dark. I have heard of great ideas coming to people when they are in the shower or on the toilet. It could be anywhere!

Sometimes the funniest things can inspire such great ideas. It’s like all of the pieces are already in our head but they aren’t quite formed together yet. Then we see, do or hear one thing and all of a sudden BAM – the idea is there! Have you ever had that experience?

Sometimes the source of our inspiration is a little more obvious. For example, the inspiration that Jared found in this story. Jared is the head of Braden Boards R&D department. He creates Symmetrical Tension Technology for a living. He has a great new invention, and it was directly inspired by his little boy.

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