A 6 Year Old Boy Meets His Bone Marrow Donor. Such A Sweet Reaction!

Your children are your life. From the moment they are born they take up most of your thoughts, your time and your energy. They are everything.

You feed them, give them shelter and watch them grow. You teach them everything you know to help prepare them for the world. You worry. You try to protect them. But there are some things that you can’t stop.

Can you imagine having your child diagnosed with a fatal condition? I can’t. And hopefully you can’t either. It’s something that no parent should have to deal with.

This story is about a 6 year old boy who is alive and well. He is doing great today because he found a bone marrow donor when he was 4. He was told that his condition would be fatal. But here he is, having a normal life.

Don’t take the health of your child for granted. You never know what you might be up against.

Wait until you see his mother meet the donor – it made me cry! Watch this video to meet this energetic and adventurous 6 year old and please SHARE with someone who needs a boost in courage.

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