This Touching X Factor Audition Will Make You Cry! What A Brave Woman!

My mother had breast cancer when I was young. It was terrifying. I remember when she lost her hair. My father shaved his head as well. I remember hearing fear in her voice when she told me that everything was going to be okay. But it was. And I am so grateful to have my mother here with me today.

You have probably known someone in your life who has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s become a prevalent struggle. I have heard some inspirational stories of hope and strength, and this is one of my favorites.

Pamela Cook is a school teacher from Australia. She is auditioning for The X Factor. She has always wanted to be a professional singer, but that isn’t what motivated her to audition today.

Last year, Pamela was diagnosed with breast cancer… while she was 16 weeks pregnant. You won’t believe the struggle she has been through and the amazing, strong voice that she brings to her audition.

Watch what happens when one of the judges gets up! Watch this video to see this amazing woman sing, and please SHARE this to pass on her strength and courage to others!

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