At First I Couldn’t Tell What They Were Building. This Is So Cool!

A lot of us learn to be competitive at an early age. We play games with our family and since we are little, they let us win. We learn to love winning. When we get a little older, we are encouraged to play sports in school.

Our parents want us to win, our team mates want us to win, and our school wants us to win. Later in life we are competing for scholarships and jobs. We are conditioned to want to win.

It’s true, winning feels good. But sometimes we take it too far.

The story in this video is a great lesson on what it really means to win and why it isn’t so bad to lose. The boys in the story are in a competition, but change their plans because they see someone who needs their help. The changes they make might affect their chances of winning, but that isn’t what is most important. It’s all about intention!

At first I didn’t know what they were doing…

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