Achievement is an important aspect of life because with every achievement you feel like you are getting closer to success and this in itself provides a sense of joy and excitement. Moreover, it also provides a sense of accomplishment; the feeling that you are able to conquer any assignment and pass it with flying colors.

Ever felt that you are not able to complete or push through something you so often dreamed of? This happens to all of us, and is the way life works. For example, let us say you are a healthy person that loves being healthy and nutritious; always setting goals to be more active and more built.

Do you think you will achieve your dream beach body without going to the gym and putting in the effort? No, not in your wildest dreams will it ever happen. We are not saying this to put you and ourselves down, but instead to know the facts and learn how to tackle them. You will need to put in the effort to the last breath sometimes and may not even get the results you desire. Or perhaps you did certain things in the past that you do not necessarily like or feel proud of.

However, would you have learned from mistakes and improved if you had not done mistakes in the past? We need to make mistakes to learn from them and become high achievers. Once you learn from your mistakes and implement techniques that make you a high achiever, you will be appreciating of the fact that you went through the mistakes. Just make sure you are motivated to accomplish your goals.

The following are some key characteristics of high achievers:

1. They’re Doers

If chosen or given a task, do you stick with it until you achieve it no matter how tough or unproductive it is, or do you give up as soon as you see that you are not achieving any results and not progressing? This is a strong characteristic trait high achievers have. They are courageous and powerful enough to face their fears and challenges. However, they are still human and might face rejection or might not achieve their goals initially, but they make sure they do not give up and continue the fight until the end. So, what do you think of this valor act.

If you are not the type of person that is a fighter and keeps on going until the end, then try to make this small change in your day to day routine.

This strategy is one that if implemented properly and effectively could definitely help raise your energy levels and make you an “achiever.” Imagine these two scenarios. The first scenario is where a person is negative and whenever faced with difficulty backs down from the challenge. As a result, that person will not achieve their goals for that day or any other day as a matter of fact and thus might postpone or delay tasks from each day to some other time.

On the other hand, if the same person was to confront and face their fears and difficulties and challenge them, they would be able to push through the day and get everything done, achieving all what they set or planned.

2. They’re Time Managers

Do you spend some time off each day or maybe the night before to plan out your upcoming day such that your day is organized and managed in terms of time? If not, then explore this paragraph here. Time management is such a beneficial tool in life that could be used to either succeeding or unfortunately falling back and even failing. This is because time management helps you allocate the proper time to every task and helps organize your time.

However, without this time planning, you would randomly allocate time ineffectively and this could cause the day to go unmanaged. If you had a task that would take 4 hours for you to achieve, but you did not know that initially and did not manage these 4 hours earlier, then it could very likely carry over for a longer time and thus take over another task’s allocated time. High achievers value very much their time because they know that time is important and irreplaceable and thus make sure they have their time calendared.

Did you ever think of this in such detail? There are a lot of activities in life if not all that need you to manage your time. Do you want to transform into a “high achiever”? Time management is one of the simple changes we can all commit to in our daily lives to possibly increase the amount of activities we complete and to achieve good results. One simple thing we can do each day before going to bed is mange our schedules for the next day. People who really want to be on top of the game could prepare for the coming few days or maybe week.

One of the options is to prepare all the materials you need for tomorrow before you go to bed. Place the books you need for the next day in your back pack if you are a high-school or college student, prepare the clothes you need, and this will cause you to feel relaxed going to bed and not feel like you have urgent work to do when you wake up. One more thing you could do is plan out the various activities you have the next day and the timings that suit those activities.

3. They Pick Their Friends

Have you been in a situation before where you made the decision to pick your friends, or was it always the more friends you could grab the more you would take? Friends can have a very huge impact on your performance day in and day out, the way you think, your attitude, and perhaps even the type of goals you set. We will never be able to skip the fact that we are social animals and that we just cannot live without company and friendship.

Friends should be a source of uplifting and fill you with life, especially when you are in of your low points. A true friend will always be there for you and motivate you to achieve more and more, even when you are already at the top. Being the high achiever you are, you would like to have high achiever friends; individuals that know what it feels like to be in that situation and what it requires to further your skills and achievements.

In addition, they should really bring the best out of you. There are friends (that are not true friends) that will unfortunately bring the worst out of you because they are different and have different focuses and dreams. Their dreams might include being cool and just looking good. The problem with such dreams and goals is that they are very superficial; they do not have any depth or real purpose behind them. Any friend that brings the worst out of you or you feel brings you down instead of lifting you up is not a true friend.

Since finding a true, caring, motivational friend is something hard to find in life nowadays and not everyone is a good friend, you need to make sure you pick your friends carefully and wisely. Maybe start by considering this person an acquaintance; monitoring his attitude and the way he thinks. If you then feel like this person is a good match to your personality and could add value to your valuable life, then go ahead and befriend them.

Do wait for the first right act an individual does for you to consider them your friend, instead monitor them from time to time to see whether these good deeds and acts are continuous or just coincidental, where they happen once every long while. The bottom line is choose a type that matches your personality and that you know will bring out your achieving soul when around because friends affect each other, whether positively or negatively.

4. They Don’t Fall Into Bad Habits

Which side are you on, the one where you do not mind falling into and getting affected by bad habits, or are you on the side where you cannot afford falling into bad habits because you know this is a long downward spiral that could just crush a lot of dreams and goals you have? Well, the high achievers do not have time to fall into the bad habit spiral because they know life is short enough and thus cannot afford to lose any part of it.

All of the high achiever’s focus is on visualizing their achievements and taking the steps to accomplish and complete such tasks. Thus, if you are the kind of person that is tempted into falling into bad habits, then revaluate your life and what is important to you. You may find that you have been missing the point for quite some time and that you could much better on improving.

These are important points we need to pay attention to, because they could determine our future and maybe even our lives as a whole. We have all seen or know someone or even just over the news the story of people that fall into the dark whole of addiction all the time. Whether it is drugs, smoking, or other bad habits, there is a reason why they are called bad habits.

These habits do not only put whoever does them in danger, but also the people around them that love them and care for them and sometimes even strangers such as in accidents. This is why we need to make sure that we do not fall into any bad habits if we want to stay on the achievers’ side. I’m not saying you will never fall into bad habits, but make sure you try to avoid falling as much as possible and focus more on rising and staying ahead of the game.

5. They Work On Their Priorities

This is a very important concept when it comes to staying ahead and on top of the game. Prioritizing has a huge impact on being productive, efficient, and finishing required work. Do you consider yourself a high achiever, a normal achiever, or not an achiever at all? If you feel you need you are not big of an achiever as you wish to be, start working on your priorities.

Prioritizing is such an important concept that ties in with making use of your time and dividing up work into many sections. Putting first things first and making sure you have a list of important activities each day you need to finish. So if you think there is a certain activity you need to dedicate more time to in comparison to others, then push the other tasks a bit further down the day or maybe even to the next day and make sure you complete the most important tasks first.

Let us say you need to choose between exercising and going out for a movie, or maybe between working a couple of extra hours versus spending those extra hours with your family, it is up to you to decide which activity is more important. The decision is up to you as this is your time that could be either harvested or wasted. Non-important or less important activities can always be moved to another day as long as they do not affect your achieving scale and do not need to be done on the same day. Start being a high achiever by the simple action of prioritization.

There are many characteristics that pertain to high achievers mentioned and there are many more that could be learned. Just know that whatever strategy or method you implement, should work for you personally because not every method will work for every individual. If you are unsure at first what might work for you, do not be afraid to experiment to figure out a way that will work for you best. Once you have that set, you can maintain that strategy and improve an use it more often to achieve your goals and call your life a success story.

What have I missed? Please do share your thoughts below.



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