3 Things You Can Do At Night, In Bed (That Don’t Involve Checking Your Phone)

stop checking your phone at night

Do you bring your phone or tablet to bed at night and find yourself constantly checking it before you sleep? Check out these 3 things you can do in bed that do not involve checking your phone.

Sometimes even the smallest changes can make you happier and help you to sleep better, ushering in a better morning the next day.

1. Read A Book Or Magazine

Reading is one of the best things we can do for ourselves not only to gain knowledge but also to exercise our minds and critical reasoning abilities. So commit to perhaps 30 minutes of reading a day. The best place to do so is in bed when your body is relaxed, you feel comfortable and you are in a quiet place to focus.

Whether reading a magazine, the newspaper, or a book, reading can be a perfect end of the day activity. Find time to read and relax and consider making this the last action you do before you close your eyes to dream. Make sure you choose a calm story to fall to sleep too. Because sometimes the last thing on your mind at night can affect the way you dream!

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2. Go Over Your Day

Try quietly lying in bed and going over your day’s experiences. Perhaps you are trying to complete a goal or some sort of assignment. Think back about what you did during the day to get there and what you can possible do during the following day to get even closer to accomplishing what you seek to achieve. Or maybe just think about your day in general.

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Think about the ups and downs of your day and try to find the positive aspects of everything you did and what you experienced. What did you learn and how can you take that with you in the following days? Maybe you met new people.

Be thankful for the opportunities whether big or small that your day has brought and go to sleep with a peaceful heart and mind. Repeat the cycle again the next day and watch how quickly your whole outlook on life can change.

3. Stretch

Stretching does not have to be limited to a morning exercise. While lying in bed, consider pushing the covers aside and stretching your legs, arms and back. Pull your stomach and abdomen muscles in and release. Stretch your lungs and take deep breathes listening to the sound of your breathing to also soothe and relax you. Your tired body will thank you in the morning.

Ever wake up in the middle of the night to restless legs and a cramped back? Stretching helps alleviate cramps and tension. Enjoy sleeping throughout the whole night and dedicate at least 5 minutes to getting your body prepared to enjoy relaxation to the fullest.

Repeat stretching in the morning to shake off tiredness. This simple exercise does not take much to complete and is perfect to do in bed right before you close those tired eyes.

So, instead of reaching for your phone, try one of these 3 things you can do at night while in bed. Enjoy your dreams and find comfort in spending the last part of your day away from technology. You will be glad you did!

What do you do in bed, at night? Tell us in the comments below. (Keep it clean please, there are children present!)

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