The Clerk Helped Them When They Didn’t Have Enough Money. I Can’t Believe What They Did In Return!

Have you had that embarrassing moment when you are checking out and discover that you don’t have enough money to pay for the items you brought up?

I have. It’s horrible. You’re on the spot – people in line are craning their necks to see what the hold-up is. The clerk is staring at you waiting for you to pull more money out of somewhere. You look away, nervously ask her to take the bananas out, pay for the rest and scurry away.

Have you ever been the person checking out the one who comes up short?

You can see the look on their faces and you know the feeling. You feel embarrassed for them. Then you have a decision to make: do you tell them that this is just the way it is and they don’t have enough money, or do you help them out?

This is a great video. Omar Gosh TV does an experiment on this very situation. They send in two kids who order and pretend not to have enough money. You won’t believe what happens next!

Watch this video to see the reactions that these kids get, and please SHARE this to make someone’s day.

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