Why Is This College Professor Sewing In His Spare Time?

There are many ways to help someone who is in need:

  • You can give them money, (which seems to be the focus of most of our problems).
  • You can give them food or work.
  • You can talk to them, encourage them, and inspire them.

We all know how to help people but…

We just don’t usually make the time to help others unless there’s something in it for us. This video is about a man who not only makes time to help people, but has a very unique way of doing it. Michael is a college art professor, and he is on a mission to fix a local neighborhood. In fact, he has been on this mission for over 15 years.

College Professor Sewing

How does this guy help? He sews!

That’s right. He sews. Once a month he brings his sewing machine, sits down, and repairs clothing, bags, or anything that needs mended. The best part is, he doesn’t charge a thing. He is just there to help. And it means the world to so many people.

Watch this video to see Michael’s unique and wonderful way of paying it forward and please SHARE this to encourage others to spread joy and kindness!

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