Meet The X Factor Contestant Who Made Demi Lovato Cry!

Most of us have had a moment in our lives where we are moved to tears. Whether it is an act of kindness that we witness, something happening to a loved one or even a beautiful song that captures our heart. Sometimes we can’t help it, no matter how we try.

It seems that as I’m getting older, more and more things make me cry. Movies, books, songs – it just happens and there is nothing I can do. I was caught completely off guard the other day when I found myself crying at the end of Toy Story 3. What is wrong with me?

As we get a little older, we start to get more familiar with the realities of life. Things mean more to us, and we cry a little easier. My dad is a prime example. He went 50 years of his life showing very minimal emotion. Now he is the biggest cry baby I know.

But hey, why not let ourselves cry?

This is a great example. Demi Lovato is one of the judges on X Factor, and she is watching Jillian Jensen audition. Jillian’s song is so powerful that Demi breaks down.

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