She Thought She’d Never Finish The Race. But Then, A Police Officer Changed Everything

Anyone who’s tried to lose weight knows that the journey is anything but easy. Loving mother Asia Ford was 470 lbs when she decided that she had to drop some pounds in order to be healthy for her children. She started working out and eating better, and eventually, she decided that she was ready to try running a 10k. She knew it would be her biggest challenge yet, but this brave woman knew that she wanted this terribly and was willing to put in the work to cross the finish line.

With two miles left to go, Asia began to feel sick. She was in dead last, and although that wasn’t exactly the place she wanted to be, she knew she had to cross the finish line no matter how slow she went. Just then, Lt. Aubrey Gregory noticed the struggling woman and offered her help. She took his hand, and then… well, you’ll just have to see the tear-jerking moment for yourself.

These two incredible people are proof that you can do just about anything if you believe in yourself and stick to your goals… and there’s nothing wrong with accepting a little help along the way.

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