Couple Meets Their Adopted Children For The First Time: Touching Moment Caught On Tape!

I am the oldest child in my family. That means that I got to be the one that gave my mom and dad that moment – the moment where they become parents for the very first time.

There is so much joy in that moment that it is almost unbearable. It’s completely unbelievable. You stand there, looking down at a tiny pink body that is full of life. It has your nose, and already such a strong personality. Nothing could prepare you for this moment.

I love hearing my grandpa tell me the story of the moment my dad became a parent. He said that when my dad saw me for the first time, he looked like he was going to pass out. Some people cry, some people laugh – but for everyone it is an extremely emotionally moment.

This video captures a beautiful moment where a couple makes the transition into parenthood. However, they are not having the baby themselves. Instead, they are adopting two children from Ethiopia: Ben and Remy.

Watch the video to see the couples touching reaction when they see their new children for the first time and please SHARE this with someone you know who would enjoy seeing this moment!

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