His Injury Didn’t Stop Him From Finishing The Race. His Courage Brought Me To Tears!

“Thing’s don’t always work out the way you’d like.”

It’s a truth that hurts again and again. We have all felt the sting of our expectations being shattered into a million pieces.

We are doing our best. Taking each day, one at a time. We set out to chase our dreams and there’s always bumps along the way. They slow us down, but most of us find the courage to keep going.

But then sometimes what we encounter is more than a bump – it’s a bulldozer. It feels like there’s no recovery. Our courage falters and we lose all hope. What happened to Derek Redmond was a bulldozer.

Derek was the favorite pick for the Olympic 400 meter run. Part way through the race he tore his hamstring. The heartache on his face is unbearable. But he did not lose his spirit. To the amazement of the crowd he keeps moving, determined to finish what he started.

“When you don’t give up, you cannot fail.”

You won’t be able to stop crying when a man breaks through security and comes to Derek’s side. Watch the video to see what provokes a standing ovation from 65,000 people, and please SHARE this with someone you know who needs a little inspiration to be brave.

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