He Warns His Daughter That His Love For Her Is Not A Normal Kind Of Love. Wait Til You See Why…

This dad’s letter to his daughter goes to some very uncomfortable places. But trust me, it’s totally worth it and at 2:54, the happiness centers in my brain exploded.

Javon Johnson warns his daughter that there are drawbacks to the kind of love he has for her. He tells her, “Your friends will say, ‘Uhm your dad is a bit psycho,’ and you’ll say ‘Yeah he is, but it’s the best way to be loved.'” He says:

[bctt tweet=”As if humans were made to jump out of airplanes without parachutes, be everything you can be.”]

I was a bit frightened for his daughter at one point. But about 3 minutes into Javon’s diatribe, he won my heart. By the end, he had me wishing my own father could have been more like him.

My favorite part:

“Baby girl, daddy wants you to own your own body,
wants you to know what it’s like to live life.
Be a rolling ball of butcher knives.
Learn how to scream NO and mean it.
Be as loud as the day you were born and mean it.”

[bctt tweet=”Be a rolling ball of butcher knives. Be as loud as the day you were born and mean it.”]

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