5 Years After His Dad’s Death, This Man Discovers Something Shocking

Most of us have moments when we hate our job for one reason or another. Really, it’s a matter of perspective. Most of us have it pretty dang good.

There are people who have really hard jobs – even people who risk their life every day they go to work. It makes our complaining seem pretty pathetic, doesn’t it?

[bctt tweet=”It takes real bravery to voluntarily put yourself in danger for the good of others.”]

It takes bravery to put yourself in a dangerous line of work. Sam Brownly was a Deputy. He went to work every day to protect his community – and to protect his wife and two sons.

One day Sam didn’t come home. And his sons have been trying to honor his memory ever since.

Five years after Sam’s death, his son is sitting at an auction. A very special item is up for bid: his father’s squad car.

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Sam’s son went into the auction hoping to take the squad car home with him – the last real reminder of his father at the police force. But no one could have anticipated the way the auction would unfold. You will be shocked!

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