10 Effortless Changes You Can Make In Your Daily Routine To Double Your Results

Who would not like to see positivity in life? Who would not like to see his results in something specific or something more general double or multiply? I am sure all of us would like to see that happen but it is much easier said than done. Effort is one of the key words and aspects that make a difference if implemented correctly. Yes, think of effort as a tool that you can make use of. The best thing is you can put effort in anything you do to make it better.

We all heard the famous saying, “Practice makes perfect.” Now in more general, effortless changes do make big differences. Maybe you are saying, well this does not sound much work, but wait a minute. Effortless changes do indeed mean that they are changes that do not require hard work to do but let me tell you what is meant by this.

Ever heard the saying, “Small changes can make a huge difference”? Yes, here we are breaking down a huge task which might seem impossible or a lot of hard work. So instead of backing off and not doing such a large assignment, if we break down to small tasks done every day it all of sudden seems shorter and easier to do. Magic huh? That is the reason why time management, scheduling, and prioritizing is very important. Let us look at some of the ways small changes in our daily routine can double our results.


1. Do Not Back Down

Are you the kind of person where if faced by difficulty in your daily life, you never give up and keep going no matter how hard a task might be? If yes, then good for you and keep it up. If you are not that type of person then try to make this small change in your day to day routine. This strategy could definitely help boost up your energy levels and help double your results.

I mean, just imagine two scenarios. The first is where a person is pessimistic and whenever faced with difficulty backs down from the challenge. This will tend to make that person not finish the tasks assigned for that day and might postpone or have to do some Monday tasks on a Tuesday. On the other hand, if the same person were to confront his fears and difficulties and challenge them, they would be able to push through the day and get everything done.


2. Stay Hopeful

Hope is a powerful element that should be implemented in every household and every day. Hope is on your side if you are positive. Staying hopeful is staying happy and anticipating that something good is about to happen. We all have our ups and downs in life and in our daily schedules, but we all need to stay hopeful as this does make a difference.

Let us say you are looking for work and applying everywhere dropping your resume on multiple sites and racing between job fairs to increase your chances of landing an interview. Anyone looking at this case would see that this person is doing everything possible and exerting a lot of effort to get what he wants. Let us add that this person waited a few months or even a year but still did not land any interview. A lot of people in such a situation would give up and feel like there is no hope and that they will never land a job. However, even in such a situation where you did all you could do but still did not work, be positive that you will find a job in the future.


3. Time Management

Oh, time management! Where should I start from? Time management is such an important aspect of life that could be the difference between success and failure. Did you ever think of this? Time management is the ability to manage time as the name suggests, but even more than that it has a lot of sub-elements beneath it and a lot of ways to manage time.

Time management is one of the simple changes we can all commit to in our daily lives to possibly double or increase our results and outcomes. Make sure that before going to bed each day, you prepare in advance. This can help keep you ahead of everyone else and help sort out your coming few days or maybe week.

Let us discuss the one day schedule preparation; before going to bed you can put the books you need for the next day in your back pack if you are a high-school or college student. One more thing you could do is plan out the various activities you have the next day and the timings that suit those activities.


4. Make Every Step Count

Don’t you think it is extremely important that the steps you take in life and to achieve your goals are slow but steady and firm? I certainly agree to that. Imagine that you need or want to finish a task or activity and have a lot of work ahead of you.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by dividing up the task into several smaller tasks that are easier to accomplish one at a time. Doing this could definitely help ease up the process or activity quite significantly, because it would look like you have a small task to do at a time which could allow individuals to reach their goals eventually. One other angle of this is the fact that you should always do smaller tasks and take smaller steps and complete them efficiently rather than taking large steps and not finishing them properly and so have to go back and redo the whole process again.


5. Smile

This might be a self-explanatory concept but let us go over further. So, smiling is important in your everyday life and is such a small change you can make to get superb results. I am talking about trying to be positive and smiling every single moment you could, because that will result in drawing smiles on others’ faces which in turn produces positive results.

Rarely do you see someone smiling in someone else’s face and the second person being rude or being disrespectful. This is because as we mentioned in other articles that smiling, happiness, and positivity acts like a potent magnet that attracts other people and brings the best out of them. Furthermore, smiling means happiness which means satisfaction. Satisfaction in turn causes you to achieve more results since even if you are faced with difficult situations; you still look at the full half of the cup.


6. Dividing Your Day

This concept here ties with the concept of time management discussed earlier. Dividing your day and activities up could be a very good way to bring you closer to your dreams and goals. Everyone knows the feeling of waking up in the morning and feeling overwhelmed with all the endless activities and commitments you have to do. It is not necessarily a good feeling; however we could try to look at it from another point of view.

Why can’t we consider a simple change in our daily lives where we divide up the day somehow and thus dividing up the activities accordingly? One of the ways we can do that is through allocating a time slot for every task and so if we need more time for that task and it is not a task of high priority, we may shift it to another less crowded time slot or maybe even to another day. This could play a major role in doubling or increasing our results.


7. Prioritizing

Again another important concept that ties in with time management and dividing up work is prioritization. Prioritizing is an important tool by which you put first things first. So in the case where you had to choose between exercise and studying a bit more, depending on how important each activity is, you would put one of them first on your list and the second would follow. The logical decision would be to put studies on the top of the list and put exercise next, since exercising is very significant, too.

Putting first things first will not only ensure that you finish off the most important things first and then decide on the next important thing, but also could help organize your daily or weekly schedule. One creative yet simple way of prioritizing your day would be to mark activities of top importance with an “A”, followed with the less important activities with a “B”, and the least important activities with a “C”.

Organizing your schedule in such a way will definitely give you a chance to effectively work through your day effectively. The way I see it is that each day one needs to make sure to complete the activities marked with an “A”, and maybe some of the ones from the “B” category, while moving or postponing any other unfinished activities to a more convenient day.


8. Removing Distractions

Currently, there are so many distractions around us in life that is extremely hard to eliminate all of them. Multitasking and social media are just two examples of such distractions. People think highly of themselves sometimes if they can multitask, because they feel it is a good thing.

However, they do not realize that sometimes multitasking can be something that has a negative impact on you too. Texting and driving is a common example of such multitasking. This is a very dangerous, serious act with an impact that people do not often realize. Texting while driving keeps on popping up as one of the reasons behind accidents. Do you not think that this is something simple we can avoid and in effect will make our lives more positive and impact society in a positive way?

On the other hand, another distraction we can avoid or reduce is social media. There are people that just cannot sit on their desk to study without having to browse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the internet in general. This is something affecting some negatively and is definitely something we can learn to reduce or remove in order to achieve better results. Passing or failing a course is sometimes determined by this.


9. Be Determined

Determination is another key point when it comes to success and achieving results. Are you the kind of person that just along with the flow of the day and finish work with average quality, or the kind of person that is always determined and equipped with the willpower to achieve whatever you want to do and see the purpose in putting in the effort? I’m sure you know what the better attitude would be towards working and checking off your tasks.

There is no point in going through something and working very hard for something you do not believe or do not see the purpose in. This is because if you are forced to do something most of the time you will not do well in that activity or might just do enough to pass or complete it. I knew someone in university that told me he was forced to do engineering by his parents while he preferred a business major. Thus, he started off double majoring in engineering and business. Later on, he informed me that he dropped engineering because he felt he was really struggling and had no interest in that major. I am not sure if he ended up going back to engineering but it’s no surprise in this story.


10. Be More Organized

Organization is a very essential element of life and is something that if not used and used properly can lead to a lot of trouble. Organization is really important in life as a whole and is something that is associated with better results. This could be a small change in your life as you take it gradually. Organizing yourself could help save quality time that could then be used for something else. Organization also helps us complete tasks more effectively and efficiently; it happens that two people doing the same task finish it in different times; part of this depends on the organization skills.

The most important thing when it comes to obtaining more results and achieving better outcomes is to have the intention to initiate such a change. This is like the ignition key of a car. You cannot start a car without the ignition process and once the car is started, you can start moving.


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