These Two Strangers Surprise A Dedicated Husband. How Sweet!

It’s winter in Lakeside Park in Wisconsin. Heavy snow has covered the ground as far as the eye can see. It’s a winter wonderland.

One quite morning, two men are out scooping snow. This is a pretty typical scene for this time of the year. As anyone who has ever gone through a winter knows, scooping snow is hard work. Whenever I have had to do it, I quit as soon as I possibly can and try to secure a hot tub to soak in afterwards. But these two men went above and beyond.

[bctt tweet=”These two men certainly went above and beyond.”]

They two men clear the snow from the usual places: driveways, sidewalks – anything with lots of traffic. But they make one special exception: a small, lonely path that leads to nothing but a bench. This path doesn’t get much traffic. That is, except for one man.

[bctt tweet=”That is why you’re here – to help one another.”]

Watch the video to see why this dedicated husband walks down this path every day and why two strangers decided to clear the snow for him. Your heart will melt! Please SHARE this with your friends and bring a smile to their day!

“That is why you’re here – to help one another.”

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