She Is Determined To Play The Violin Despite Being Deaf. When I Saw How People Treated Her, I Was Speechless!


Humans have a nasty tendency of disliking anything that is different. Throughout history we have repeatedly shot down ideas that strayed from “normal” thinking. Even worse, we have shot down people who aren’t like us and alienated them from our social circles.

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Because of this pattern, most individuals spend their lives trying to fit in. As kids, we try desperately to be in the cool kid group. I would like to say this ends when we get older, but often times it doesn’t. We continue to try to be like everyone else. And we feel like we need to do that in order to be accepted.

What is wrong with being different?

Imagine what a boring world it would be if we were all the same. The truth is, we are all different. And when we embrace that fact, we shine.

This is the story of a girl who is different.

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Because of this, she is ridiculed. Her peers are cruel to her. They laugh at her for chasing her dreams.

But when she finds the courage to be herself, she shines even brighter.

When you see what happens, you will be cheering her on. Watch the video to see her shine, and please SHARE this with someone who has felt singled out because they were different.

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