Do Something Kind Today And You Will Be As Happy As This Man!

I am going to present you with a challenge. It’s simple, but powerful.

Are you ready? Here it is: BE KIND.

Not tomorrow or the next day. Today. Be kind to someone – TODAY. Kindness keeps the world afloat. It makes it a better place. A happier place. We are all here together and we are just trying to do our best. Why not help each other out?

I have seen many videos that show random people doing acts of kindness to one another, and they always inspire me. They make me want to pay it forward – to do something kind for friends, family or people I don’t even know. But the thing is, as good as my intentions are, I rarely act on it with the passion that I feel when I’m watching the video.

And that brings me back to my challenge. I’m sure you’ve felt the same way. I’m sure that this video will inspire you, as many other videos have before. This time, let’s act on it. Let’s spread kindness everywhere we go!

You can see a smile on every face in this video. It feels good to be kind! Watch this video to see how it all begins and please SHARE this to encourage others to pay it forward!

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