15 Small Things You Can Do Today To Make A Big Difference In Your Life Tomorrow

Looking to make that difference in your life today? Here are 15 small things you can do today to make a big difference in your life tomorrow. It doesn’t take giant leaps to make changes- start small.

1. Say Something Nice

Seems easy doesn’t it? But believe it or not, it is not always so easy for some to say at least one nice thing to others especially if they are used to being negative and offensive. If we find it hard to mention something nice to others, we can make that change today and say at least one nice thing. It may be surprising how good this can actually make us feel! It might even become a habit.

2. Begin To Do Something You Have Been Putting Off

Have something that you have been meaning to do but can never really find the time to do it? Begin to do it today and watch how big of a difference it makes for you tomorrow. Not only can it motivate us to complete this task or goal, it inspires us to keep on moving.

3. Make A To Do List

Making a to do list can never be emphasized enough. A written list not only helps you keep track of what you need to do, but also keeps things in perspective and organized. Seeing those checkmarks next to things you did complete can also serve as a motivation to get more done the following day.

4. Go To Bed Early

Yes, I know. It is easier said than done, right? But going to bed earlier can really improve your energy the next day and totally change your attitude. The more rested you are, the better you are at perceiving, thinking and doing. Try going to bed today early and wake up feeling better tomorrow to conquer the day.

5. Get Physical

Exercise, even if that means taking a 10 minute walk. Find an excuse to be active. Walk up and down stairs, clean house, dance. Whatever it is that you can spare some time to do, make sure you do it while you can. Being active is a distress mechanism and can make you feel better all around. So get up and get physical today and continue again tomorrow.

6. Be Grateful For All You Accomplished

What is there not to be grateful for? You are breathing right? Be grateful today for all you have accomplished and tomorrow continue showing that gratitude for a more positive outlook. Even the small things you complete mean a lot- you are moving forward which makes a big difference in your overall progress.

7. Let Go Of What You Cannot Control

Why stress yourself over things that are out of your way when you have a lot to focus on that is right in front of you? Today, consider focusing on self-improvement. Change happens from within so focusing all your energy on trying to change others just takes up time you can work to improve areas of your own life. But that doesn’t mean small words of encouragement directed at your peers is not useful. Keep up the positive vibes while working to self-improve.

8. Focus On The Moment

You are right here, right now. Focus on what is going on right now and what is in front of you for today. Tomorrow you can tackle tomorrow’s problems and the past is already gone. No need to stress where stress is not needed.

9. Be Nice To Anyone

Remember those kind words of encouragement mentioned before? Today, try and say kind words to anyone even perhaps a stranger. That doesn’t mean you need to totally go out of your way to make it a point to say hello. Rather, learn to use your good side. Be nice and make it a habit because the way you interact with others speaks a lot about the way you feel about yourself.

10. Reach Out To An Old Friend

Have an old friend you have not talked to in a long time? Maybe a family member you need to catch up with? Reach out to an old friend and catch up on life or reminisce about the past a bit. Sometimes these moments are all you need to feel good into the next days.

11. Limit Your Social Media Use

Yes, I said it. While some people see no harm in browsing through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other sites, if you think about it, it can definitely have an effect on your day. Some people even spend hours on social networking sites neglecting everything else they may need to do.

The time passes by and before you know it, the day is coming to an end and you still have not completed those things you said you would do. Not only can this have a negative effect on today, it can lead you into tomorrow feeling guilty and grumpy. Limit your use today and follow through tomorrow.

12. Lend An Ear

Every try just really listening to someone sometimes? Lend an ear. We all know how important it is to have someone we can talk to sometimes especially when things are feeling tough. Be open and spend some time with someone today because you never know how this can really mean to that person.

Sometimes by just listening to others you can really learn a lot about yourself and of course about how people can be in the world around you. Change your tomorrow and theirs too. This simple effect you have on others can be contagious!

13. If You Are Tired, Rest

Rest and relaxation is not laziness! We do not have to be busy all the time. Sometimes we fill our schedules up with so much that we do not take the time to really rest and relax. If you are feeling tired, even when you are not, try and take a few minutes or an hour or so and just relax. Take a power nap, go for a walk or read a book. Start doing this today and try to continue doing it every day after. No need to burn out or break down.

14. Recognize Your Value

One thing I like to do at the end of a day is really sit and recognize my value in the world- how do I fit in and where. This is not only recognizing your accomplishments it is also recognizing all that you are and how far you have come. You too have purpose. Try and take time to really appreciate the fact that you are living.

15. Recognize The Value in Your Work

Lastly, recognize the value in your work. Everything you do means something and brings you closer to a goal. Whether you stop and appreciate the work you do at school, at home, or in your personal endeavors, recognize how valuable it is and appreciate your own efforts and those of anyone who has helped you alone the way.

Taking small steps can make a world of difference. Begin by changing these things today. The power of even the littlest of things to change your perception is immense. It just took small things for some of the greatest role models we have today to make change so you can do it too!

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