This Guy Took His Dog On An Amazing Bucket List Adventure

Dog is man’s best friend.

You don’t really understand the meaning of this phrase until you raise a dog yourself. They are with you all the time. You feed them, teach them and watch them grow. They become like your furry children. And losing them is the most difficult thing in the world.

If you are a dog person then grab the tissues…

This video is a real tearjerker. Most of my dogs’ lives ended abruptly. I wasn’t even able to say goodbye, let alone do something as extraordinary as this. This man found out that his 15 year old dog, Poh had multiple tumors and there was nothing they could do to keep him alive. So instead, his owner decided to make his last days an epic adventure.

Dogs are so much more than our pets.

We form an incredible bond with our furry companion. They truly can be our very best friends. Would you take your dog on a cross country adventure to scratch off of his bucket list?

Poh looks so happy in all the photos! Watch the video to see the adventures of Poh and his owner, and please SHARE this with a dog lover in your life.

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