Often fear keeps us from pursuing what we love most in life. Fear is often created by the lies we may find ourselves believing, the experiences that some may have had that are often a generalization of a global experience. Instead of being held back by fear, check out these 11 lies about doing what you love and ask yourself what may be holding you back. If you really love something and see yourself there, take care and seek out what makes you happy the most.

1. Doing What You Love Means There Is No Room For Change

Often when we have dreams of doing what we love we plan on sticking with that one thing, seeking to prove to others that our passions are real and intense. Yet we do not consider that our passions, what we thought we loved might change and we find ourselves questioning whether what we thought we wanted was really what we need. We are only human after all. If doing what you love suddenly changes and you find yourself hating what you thought you were passionate about, do not fear change. Embrace it and head on that journey again. Life is about learning after all. Trust yourself and do what works best for you.

2. Doing What You Love Means There Is Only Room For One

While embracing the fact that everything might suddenly change, also be open to discovering that you might have more than one passion, more than one love. You do not have to settle just because you do not want to appear to be unorganized and doing too much. Instead embrace everything you care about, find possible connections between it all and do what matters to you most when you most want to do it.

3. Doing What You Love Means You Need Money

Often, those of us not within the supposed “1 percent” of society get stuck in the belief that in order to do what we love we must first have the monetary means to do so. Who ever said money satisfies everything? Plan to do what you love no matter what. You may find that money becomes less important the more you become content while seeking your passions. No need to be a slave to money when a love of something else can be a stronger force.

4. Doing What You Love Means Failure Because Only Some People Are Entitled To Happiness

Often, like believing that you need money to pursue certain goals and dreams, we get ourselves into believing that only some people are entitles to happiness. We ourselves do not deserve happiness because of some past indiscretion, a lack of motivation or a lack of personality traits that we assume successful people to have. It is a basic human right, a part of overall humanity to seek happiness and this includes doing what you love most in order to get there.

5. Doing What You Love Means Understanding That If You Fail Once, You Will Fail Again

Failure and rejection often make us feel like we can never get to where we want to be because the same will keep on happening over and over again. Instead of taking failure as a sign indicating to give up, see failure as a chance to learn something new and how to go in different directions to get to where you want to be. If you truly love something, do what you can to reach it.

6. Doing What You Love Means If You Fear Risks, Do Not Do It

Fear is a burden that keeps us frozen and unable to do much. Fearing risks may even damage our perceptions of what we once thought we really wanted to do. How will you know whether you can do something if you do not even try? That is why we must take risks with all fear aside. As said before, if you truly love something, you must learn to do what you can to reach it. The worst you can experience is “no.” Even then, why let that keep you down? You are courageous and you are trying which makes everything so much more valuable.

7. Doing What You Love Only Happens During Retirement

Believing that the only possible way to do what you love is during retirement can mean living a mundane life full of questions. Doing what you love is not limited to people of retired age who may or may not have gained a fuller wisdom with age. Doing what you love includes changing your here and now and living for today. Tomorrow is after all, never a promise.

8. Doing What You Love Means Sacrificing Everything

You do not have to sacrifice everything in order to do what you love most but if you do find yourself sacrificing a lot, be prepared for it. Love often means sacrifice but sacrifice often means a greater appreciation. Try not to see such sacrifices as sacrifice in a traditional sense. Rather see them as changes necessary, all in the name of love.

9. Doing What You Love Means Constant Stress And Struggle

Life is a roller coaster of emotions as we go through a range of wanted and unwanted experiences. While these experiences can leave us feeling stressed, we do not have to allow stress to eat us away. Rather when you find stress creeping up on you try and think about ways to combat it. Yes doing what you love can be stressful but in the end it does not have to be. A struggle, perhaps. But it does not have to continue to be so. It all boils down to the way you look at it and how far you really want to go. Learn to be patient and content and find fulfillment and letting what you love just naturally flow into your life.

10. Doing What You Love Means A Lot Of Waiting

Sure, the waiting game is a part of most aspects of our lives but why does this have to sound as if it is a bad thing? Ever heard about how patience can eventually pay off? Learn to be patient and continue to gain knowledge while you wait. Waiting does not necessarily mean being idle. Rather use to the time to gain a better appreciation for hard work and the things that make you happy.

11. Doing What You Love Means Becoming Broke And Worried

Often when we think of other people who are now doing what they love, people we may have read about in the news or on some website, we think about the struggles they went through to get there and how they had to leave stable jobs or move to far out, maybe poverty stricken areas. Doing what you love differs from person to person and it does not always mean giving up jobs or sacrificing savings accounts. Consider what you want to do and consider all options and what it takes you get you there and happy. If you believe it to be worth it and it will complete your wellbeing, then why not? Be inspired by success not by worry and retreat.

Doing what you love is all up to you and what you want. Consider however great or small those things that make you happy and find your way to where you see yourself most.

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