Why Do These Kids Play On The Roof, Eat Trees, & Come And Go As They Please? No, It’s Not Some Psychedelic Dream. The Truth Is Even Stranger

Somewhere in Tokyo, a 5-year-old boy climbs a tree… and then BITES the tree.

The explanation?

“He loves the tree, so he is eating the tree.”

Oh right. That makes sense…

Because at this kindergarten, rooftops are for playing on and windows are for Santa to climb through. And it’s easily the coolest school I’ve ever seen.

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Architect Takaharu Tezuka’s design allows for more than the school’s awesome appearance and oodles of fun. It allows kids to… well… be kids!

It caters to kids’ natural silliness while nurturing their passion for learning. All without trying to stifle or regulate their natural impulses. “If the boy in the corner don’t want to stay in the room, we let him go. And he’ll come back eventually…”

(Warning for helicopter parents: Take a deep breath before you continue reading this next part.)

Parts of the school are even deliberately designed to be a bit… risky.

Tezuka says that children, “need to get some injury. That makes them learn how to live in this world.” So he designed this school with a, “small dosage of danger.”

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Would kindergartens like this work as well in other countries? What about in the U.S.?

Watch the video before you decide, and please SHARE this special school with your friends and family!

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