5 Things You Need To Know To Protect Yourself From Emotional Vampires

Do you know someone who drains the emotional energy and life out of everyone – including yourself – every time they come into contact with people?

This sort of person lacks self-awareness and seeks validation from others constantly blaming the world for everything that they refuse to understand about their own lives. Ever heard of emotional vampires? Have a look below to see how these sorts of people may be affecting you and how to protect yourself.

1. Say No Before They Start

Whenever you find yourself in a situation in which someone constantly makes you feel like you are doing everything wrong when it comes to them and their needs, let them know that you can no longer support them because they refuse to see what you do for them.

Emotional vampires often shelter themselves feeling as if the whole world is against them regardless of the good vibes coming from loved ones and friends. If you find yourself in a situation with such a person, it is best to say no before they suck you dry. Let them know your emotional limits.

2. Distance Yourself From Those Who Refuse To Be Positive

Emotional vampires are often super negative and everything they say seems to be a centered around how the world cannot help them. Their very emotional stance on life draws from sometimes phantom deep feelings they have about the interactions they have with others and they often believe that they are misunderstood.

No matter how much you try to give advice, to be open and listen, they refuse to believe that you are even trying to connect. These sorts of interactions can tear away from everything positive you have left within you. Maybe it is time for you to distance yourself before you find yourself becoming an emotional vampire too.

3. Like Everyone, This Personality Type Needs To Pursue Change From Within

The one thing emotional vampires refuse to understand is that change comes from within. No matter what you or anyone does or says, they need to pursue change on an inner and very personal level if they want to see the differences they claim to want in their own lives.

4. This Personality Type May Be Targeting You For Specific Reasons

You need to know that this sort of person may be targeting you for specific reasons. Like the vampires of horror stories who suck blood out of healthy and fresh individuals in order to feed and live, emotional vampires target those they see with positive vibes and really work to bring them down a level or two. This is the way they choose to live and they thrive off of it. Do not let it even get to this point!

5. Negativity Spreads Like A Virus

Lastly, we should all know that negativity spreads like a scary virus and emotional vampires have that negativity ready to send your way. The best defense against such an attack is to protect yourself when you see it coming. Use all that strength, courage, and goodwill and simply guard yourself with your best medicine – confidence, self-awareness and determination.

When you truly stand strong against these people, you send the message that hey- you have no time for games and no time for the negativity. Maybe eventually your strength will encourage them to simply do better.

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