Finding it hard to sleep at night? While some reasons can be to blame for this, there are a few simple things you can do to master your sleeping patterns and take control of the night. So enjoy the comforts of your bed, enjoy the experience of sleep instead of dreading it. Have a look below to see if these five steps can work for you.

1. Enjoy Activity Throughout The Day

Make sure your day is full of activity and I am not just talking about watching TV or catching up on social media- I mean really having some time to get up and getting physically active. Need examples? Instead of driving to the store that is 5 minutes away, walk.

Clean your home when it needs cleaning and enjoy time with friends, family and children outdoors staying active whenever you can. If you work a desk job, try taking a break every hour or so for 5 minutes to get up and walk somewhere in the office to stretch those legs and prepare for a more relaxed evening.

2. Make Your Bed Comfortable

The next step is to really make sure your bed is comfortable. How? Well check out this sleepify blog on how to get a good nights sleep. You can also make it up in the morning so when you do return home, the bed appears more inviting. Fluff pillows, add softness to parts of the bed that may lack. Your bed is your personal comfort.

By surrounding yourself with things that make you comfortable- things that remind you to sleep, you invite your body actually to relax. So any work related items, or anything that really stresses you should be put away. At night you should be able to enjoy comfort!

3. Push All Negative Thoughts Out Of Your Head As You Lie Down

Once everything is completed after a long day, take a deep breath and push all those negative thoughts that may be harassing you out of your head as you lie down. Enjoy the comfort of your home- the security and that comes with having your own space to think and do as you please. No need to bring outside energy into bed. Let it go so your body, mind and spirit can relax.

4. Focus On Breathing And Keep Your Eyes Shut

Then, after the lights are out and you are warmly wrapped in your blankets, slowly shut your eyes and focus on your breathing- nothing more. You have left all the negative thoughts at the door, well you should also let all thoughts go. No need to stress or think too hard. Instead focus on your breathing and let the trance-like state guide you into sleep. I’m sure this will help.

5. Allow Yourself To Drift Into Dreams

Last, we should allow ourselves to drift into dream, and not fight the urge to sleep. Studies show that the last thoughts that are on our minds often dictate what our dreams will be. That is why the step of focus on breathing- simply being alive is connected deeply with this last step. Enjoy your peaceful dreams and wake up and repeat tomorrow evening!

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