This Family Will Never Be The Same After Mom Tells Daughters Her Shocking Secret

Nathan and his wife had been trying to have another baby for over two years. Then they found out some shocking news…

They wanted to share the news with their daughters in a special way so they put it on a cake. They had their girls close their eyes and then put the cake in front of them. The exciting news was written right on the cake, in bright pink and purple frosting. The older girl’s reaction when she reads the cake is priceless. Such a beautiful display of overwhelming emotion.

This is a lovely reminder that we can find happiness in countless way. From spending time with family and friends, to giving someone exciting news in a fun and creative way. Did you know that something as simple as smiling more each day can actually make you happier? (It also makes you more attractive to other people!)

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Since they made this video, their twins have been born and they’re totally adorbs! You can check out the twins and more updates from Nathan and his family by visiting their YouTube channel.



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