The Way This Father And Daughter Danced Surprised Me

There is a special bond between fathers and their daughters. This is very evident on a bride’s wedding day in the interactions she has with her dad.

I remember everything that happened between me and my dad on my wedding day. He sat in the back of the church and waited with me. While we chatted, he told me I could back out if I wanted to. Just the sort of thing my dad would say, because he didn’t want to let me go.

What I loved most was when the photographer came in to catch a picture of us, and dad put my veil over his head. There we were, huddled together under my veil for the last few moments of me being single.

This video shows a father and daughter at the reception for their dance. I was so surprised by what they decided to do with each other.

Watching them interact reminded me of how amazing I felt on my wedding day with my own dad. If your heart was warmed by this dance, be sure to SHARE it with others.

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