Father Of The Year Uses 3D Printer To Help His Blind Daughter Experience Her World.

We go about our lives each day, rarely stopping to think about it. Do you realize that?

We get busy. We get caught up in the tedious things that we fill our days up with. How often do we stop to experience our lives?

I loved learning about the senses when I was in school. It made me become so much more aware of how I experienced the world. Smells that we don’t even notice. Tastes. Sometimes we hear something and don’t even realize it, but it triggers a memory inside of us. Of course, most of us function primarily off of sight. Can you imagine how different the world would be without it?

For Layla Walker, that is the case. She doesn’t experience her world through sight. She experiences it through touch. Layla was adopted by an amazing family who helps her learn and process the world around her through a 3D printer – creating 3D printed versions for her to feel.

What an amazing family! Watch the video to meet Layla and her fantastic parents, Jason And Dori Walker, and please SHARE this to help spread the inspiration.

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