Her Father Isn’t Like Others And That Makes Her Angry

At some point or another, we go through a period where we do not want to be with our family. It usually happens in the middle of our teenage years when we are trying to spread our wings and fly.

We look around and think that everyone else in the world has better parents than we do. Then something happens, and we realize the treasure we have in the people that loves us.

I won’t lie, this video was very hard to watch. As a parent, I want to provide my kids with the best that I can. That doesn’t always mean they will appreciate or accept the best I can offer them. Even when I’m giving it my all, it may not be enough for them in that moment.

All any of us can hope for is that there will come a day when our children open their eyes and see what we did for them. I have to believe that will happen for my kids just as it did for me.

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