11 Things You Can Improve To Feel Better About Yourself

Is it not sad how much time we spend scolding and putting ourselves down? A very interesting analogy is that if we had a nickel or even a penny for every moment we felt down, inferior, unconfident, unworthy, not deserving, or unattractive, we would have all been millionaires and had lots of money and assets. However, even then, what would be the use of having a lot of money but a life filled with sadness and melancholy?

With enough practice and experience, along with strong reinforced group of true friends we get good advice on how to change to the better and compliments on our already awesome features. On the other hand, with enough negativity around us, we start to develop a habit of thinking poorly of ourselves and seeing only our failures and flaws. Everything else (positive things) fade away in the background and seem like they never ever existed and affect our self-esteem greatly.

So, if we have been trained and have the habit of feeling bad about ourselves, is it possible to turn the tables around and start feeling good for whom we are? Can we start unlearning old beliefs about ourselves and direct our beam of focus to see our beauty and worthiness? It is possible for sure as our bodies and minds change and are used to adaptation. A positive self-esteem can impact positively our well-being and attitude.

Do you think you have reached a point where you cannot improve anymore? Or do you think there is always room for development, improvement, and feeling better about yourself? It is certainly true that there is always room for more and more development. We can always find an area we need to feel better about ourselves in such as self-esteem and efficiency. Improving in terms of these aspects can have an overwhelming impact on the way we feel about ourselves.

There are a lot of different strategies an individual can make use of to help better them and feel better about their life and themselves. Let us go back a bit. Imagine how it would be if our minds and hearts could not readjust and once you have a bad look on life, you cannot change it. Fortunately, our minds are able to learn to love and accept ourselves if we choose to.

Let us have a look at some of the ways you can feel better about yourself.

1. Live With Hope

Are you a hopeful person, regardless of the situation? Or are you a person that is hopeful, depending on the situation and whether it is a bad or good situation. One of the things that could really help with its power and impact is staying hopeful. It is one of the tools we should apply to our daily lives and in all the different situations. If it is a bad situation that you are not proud of, just put it aside or behind you and move forward, staying hopeful for the future. Moreover, if it is a good situation that induces hope, then try to have many more situations as such. In both cases, hope can help you feel better about yourself.

Anticipating that something good is about to happen provides this sense of delight and excitement. Life as we know it is not perfect; we have our ups and downs in life and in our daily schedules, but we all need to stay hopeful as this does make a difference.

Let us say you are looking for work and have applied everywhere you could or new of; you have uploaded your resume on multiple sites and racing between job fairs to increase your chances of landing an interview. Anyone evaluating this person’s effort and hard work seeking a job would agree this person is doing everything possible and exerting a lot of effort to get what they want.

Moreover, this person continued waiting patiently for a few months or a year, but still did not land any interviews. If you were placed in such a situation, would you give up easily or would you fight until you get what you really wanted and dreamed of? A lot of people in such a situation would give up and feel like there is no hope and that they will never land a job. However, even in such a situation where you put in a lot of effort but still did not work, be positive that you will sure find a solution or a pathway to your dream.

2. Call A Parent Or Both

Did you ever think of calling your mother and/or father to help you go through your tough times? Or maybe you are an individual that dedicates part of your time to make sure you communicate with your parents and family. Parents are the people that love us the most and have our back whenever we need them. Ask them for some positive advice and listen to benefit from their huge experience.

3. Remember Your Accomplishments

All of us have had accomplishments of some kind during our life and careers, regardless of how big or small they were. However, the question is: Do you still remember them? Maybe it has been a long since you have accomplished something you are really proud of, but always remember your accomplishments as this could help you feel better and less harsh on yourself. List your accomplishments and achievements, everything from spending this many hours with your family to being the employee of the month.

4. Exercise

Are you someone that takes good care of their health and make sure you get enough hours of exercise per week? Or are you just lazy and have the intention of exercising but are just put down every day by a voice telling you that you can exercise tomorrow. Exercising can be as short as 15-20 minutes. This will get the ball rolling and boost your energy and possible be the beginning to a good habit that you will live with. You can exercise early in the morning before going to work or go for a quick jog around the house.

5. Meditation/Praying

Meditation could be something that could help with getting an individual out of an uncomfortable situation. Start by breathing in and out a few times while closing your eyes. Go within and visualize something positive, trying to forget an issue or a bad situation. Stop the self-judgement for a small while and take a neutral standpoint. Something else that might work, which is also spiritual, is praying. Some people when facing trouble or not, resort to praying to relieve themselves from all the stress they are facing in life.

6. Lift Someone’s Spirits

Have you ever been in a situation where you faced difficulty in your life and were desperate for someone to come and lift you from the trench? I’m sure you had someone lift you up and make you feel better in your low points. How did that feel? Felt amazing, right? If you know what it feels like to help someone and lift their spirit, you would do it all the time.

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Being able to help someone else is a blessing and a very nice trait to have. You could turn away bad feelings and situations when you channel your energy into a positive one to make someone feel great about themselves. It is crazy how helping someone else could help you get rid of your problems, at least temporarily.

7. Change One Thing At A Time

Sometimes we fail to notice that all we need to do sometimes in bad situations is change a small thing in our daily routine and things get much better in no time. If there is something bothering or irritating you about yourself, choose one small action and start applying it in your life. Over time you would be able to maintain this change and then even perhaps add more positive changes gradually, one at a time. This would help you to feel better and more pleased with yourself.

8. Call A Friend

Just like you might call a parent or both parents for some advice or just to relieve yourself from the everyday pressure, phoning a true friend can be your second option. A true friend is always there for you to help lift your spirit and share their personal experiences in an attempt to solve your issue and help you feel better about yourself. Did you ever think of friends in a funny way as walking, talking antidepressants? This is really funny, but does describe real friends and how they can really turn your day around. In the same context, one dose of this antidepressant (your friend) and you are good to go.

9. Overcome Your Fear(s)

Most people have a fear of a certain kind that they will do anything to stay away from it and not face it. Are you one of these people or do you feel like it is important to confront and face your fear? Fear is something that provides a sense of discomfort and insecurity, but the only real reason to remove the fear is by facing it and overcoming it.

Whether it is fear of risk, fear of uncertainty, fear of public speaking, or any other fear, they keep us in the same position and not allow us to grow. We need to recognize that our fears are our areas of improvement. Those are the areas where we need to improve and make sure we take the initiative for change. Overcoming your fears can certainly make you feel better about yourself.

10. Identify Your Blind Spots

What are blind spots? Think of a car for example; blind spots are the areas we cannot see by looking through the mirror since they are not within the mirror range. That is why we need to shoulder check every time we want to change lanes. Moreover in personal development terminology, blind spots are areas or aspects about ourselves that we are not aware of.

Gaining awareness of our blind spots helps us gain insight and discover the area we can improve in and grow. One way to discover your blind spots is looking at what happened in your day as well as what triggered you in specific. We are talking about people, situations, and events that made you feel annoyed, affected, or awkward perhaps.

Those can be things that represent our blind spots. Every time you do this exercise, you could learn something new about yourself and thus have a greater chance of improvement and feeling better about yourself. You could also be surprised to learn that you were short of identifying all your blind spots before doing this blind spot exercise.

Now, you have done most of the work. All you need to do next is address these blind spots by sitting with yourself and advising a way to fill in these gaps. You may not be able to fill in all the voids, but the more you try and identify more blind spots, the more spots you will fill. This in turn helps you and increases your improvement and feeling good about yourself.

11. Ask For Feedback

This is a very good way to learn more about yourself and any possible flaws or areas of improvement. We have to know that the way life works is that there is no perfect person; no matter how much we try to improve, we will always have blind spots. However, that does not mean that it is not worth trying. You do not want to spend all your life with a low self-esteem and a poor thought of yourself.

Asking for feedback gives an extra angle to the situation. Try to approach someone with no pre-set bias is important because you want a true opinion that will help you eventually feel better about yourself.

If you look closely, you will realize that there are a lot of ways you can probably improve to help you feel better about yourself, some of which did not cross your mind. Just be open to changes and do not be afraid to go outside your comfort zone to try new things. Also try different things before you decide on the technique or tip that would really make the difference.

So, are you ready to grow and make the best of your life and begin positively believing in yourself? Start as soon as you can and do not let anyone let you down for whatever reason.

What helps you feel better about yourself when you’re down? Let us know in the comments section below.



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