3 Things You Need To Stop RIGHT NOW If You Are Feeling Awful

Sometimes the worst things in life can get us feeling down and gloomy, detached from who we really are. These 3 life or death things you need to stop doing right now if you are feeling awful are some of those worst things in life.

Find happiness again and experience a life change in a sudden and unexpected way. Do not let awfulness envelop you, instead seek to push it aside.

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1. Feeling Awful? Stop Being Idle!

Idleness can lead to not only mental instability but also physical and spiritual problems that can negatively affect your life in the long run. If you find yourself feeling idle, it is best to think of what is causing you to feel that way. An evaluation for depression may also be an underlying cause to idle behaviors.

Depression can seriously eat your life away. Start taking baby steps to get on that path back to happiness and feeling motivated. Find someone to talk to when times are tough. If that is not a possibility, consider getting a journal. Journaling has worked for many as a source of therapeutic inspiration.

Other ways to at least temporarily relieve these feelings include taking a walk in nature, enjoying exercise such as swimming and biking or simply finding a hobby to keep you busy when feelings of isolation and idleness waltz into your life whether suddenly or gradually.

2. Feeling Awful? Stop Being Pessimistic!

Pessimism meaning to have a negative view on life and everything in general is no joke. Not everything we experience as human beings is as bad as some people make it out to be. Avoid becoming one of those people and seek a more positive atmosphere.

Instead of seeing the glass as half empty, remember that it is also actually half full. Life is short and you should enjoy it while you can seeking what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Let your inner optimism shine through and watch your positivity not only change you but also everyone around you.

3. Feeling Awful? Stop Being A Victim!

Life sometimes throws us seemingly under buses. Things get hard and we may start feeling isolated, alone in our feelings and experiences. Having a real life nightmare that never seems to end and swallows up everything we used to be leaving us feeling fearful, angry or remorseful. Do not let these experiences make you into a victim.

Search for your inner strength and allow yourself to breathe again. Yes, things happen in life that we cannot control and that may temporarily disable us, but remember your purpose, who you are and let that guide you back to the strength that you know you have to achieve life again. Do not cater to death, let yourself know that you are resilient, powerful and capable, ready to claim life the way you were meant to do.

Being idle, a pessimist or feeling constantly victimized can really hinder your life. Reclaim life, seek redemption, and live in the best way possible under your current circumstances. If any of these 3 life or death things pertain to you, think about how they make you feel and envision a life feeling the opposite.

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Remember, it is never too late to find what you need to make that change that will crush those awful feelings just as soon as you seek to do so. Change begins with you.

Have you been feeling awful about something (or everything)? Tell us about it below.

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