Feeling crappy and don’t know why? Many things can get us into an unwanted emotional state. It does not have to stay that way! Here are 15 tips on how to stop feeling so crappy. Give them a try and see what works best for you!

1. Eat Better

Choose to live a healthier life by choosing to eat better. Eating better is not only for physical health but your mental and spiritual health as well. Incorporate more plant based foods into your diet- anything green and other fruits and vegetables. Many fruits and berries include all the antioxidants our bodies need to stay healthy, active and clean. Vegetables are a perfect combination of many vitamins that nourish the body and keep the mind active and strong. Read more on ways you can change your diet for better all around health.

2. Sleep Better

Finding yourself experiencing grumpiness and a lack of energy especially in the morning time? Try to sleep better. Make plans to go to bed earlier and get at least 6-8 hours of sleep for optimal performance the next day and a better attitude. Not only does a lack of sleep effect our energy, it also effects our concentration and focus leaving us with crappy and irritable attitudes that effect the way we work, communicate and go about doing everything else we plan to do with our days. So always make a plan to lie down in bed at a certain time of night in order to get the number of hours you need in order to do well tomorrow.

3. Eliminate Toxic Elements From Your Life

By eliminating toxicity in your life, you find the focus and clarity you need to stay positive and happy. Toxic elements include highly negative and critical people who step on and squash every vision and dream you share, negative thoughts about the past, things that remind you of something you wish you could just move on from, and not being able to forgive.

Whatever is bothering you, seek to put an end to it by facing the problem and making a decision about whether you really need it in your life. Hey, we all like a little challenge but it is best to stray away from toxic elements before you find yourself being totally overwhelmed by them.

4. Get Up And Be Active

By getting up and being active you also push yourself to think other thoughts besides the negative ones. When staying idle, often our minds begin to wander and focus on things that upset us. Try and find a good balance between rest and relaxation and activity with activity ranging from sport to simple cleaning or walking. Use activity as a way to keep your spirits up and your mind focused elsewhere. Not only is activity good for relieving stress and negative thoughts, it is also obviously a great way to stay healthy and in shape so you cannot lose with this one!

5. Fill Your Mind With Positivity

Think positive thoughts and let them get you through tough times. What are some of your recent accomplishments? Who are some of the people who make you happy? What is something you saw that was beautiful or interesting today? What are your dreams? Fill your mind with positive thoughts and kick crappy feelings to the curb.

6. Invite Change

Invite change in. You do not want to feel so bad anymore? Then allow yourself to embrace any possibility of change and work on yourself. If crappy feelings are a constant part of your being, maybe it is time you thought of ways to change yourself and thrive. Remember, no one can change you, you must work on bettering yourself starting from the way you think and feel about the world around you, self awareness and others.

7. Gain A New Perspective

Gain a new perspective by actually really going out there, in the world, and observing. Talk to people. Read. Try not to let that box you may live in eventually become taped closed. Push outside of the box, explore and find out about new possibilities. A new perspective can mean so much more happy and interesting moments sure to keep you on your feet.

8. Enjoy Leisure Time Doing What You Love Most

When you find yourself feeling crappy, consider enjoying some leisure time doing what you have always wanted to do or doing what you love to do the most. Whether with a friend or alone, try to let loose and enjoy some fun in your life when times seem hard and stressful. Who ever said that you have to wait until the rain subsides until you go out and play? Sometimes the best moments are those in which we can make the most out of the situation we are in by looking on the brighter side.

9. Have A Deeper Look At What Is Really Bothering You

When feeling down, consider taking the time to have a deeper look at what is really bothering you. Sometimes our emotions are actually the cause of something deeper within us- a forgotten past experience, a rejection or deeper hurt. Make sure that you understand what is really happening with yourself so you can move on when you feel like you finally can.

10. Spend Some Time Alone

Sometimes spending time alone is a perfect way to get you feeling like the “real you” again. Take time to relax by yourself without anyone around if you can. We do not always need people around to reaffirm us in feeling good. It may be difficult to face yourself alone but sometimes this is just what you need to get over undesirable emotions.

11. Spend Some Time With Someone You Trust Most

If you already have tried spending time alone and you find yourself still feeling icky, try spending some time with someone you trust most. Visit this person or call them up. See if they would like to spend some time together with you whether it is just relaxing or enjoying a cup of tea at the local café. Take a break and just talk with someone about the simple things of life and catch up.

12. Rest And Relax

Always on the go and think this may be the reason you feel incomplete? Try resting and relaxing. Take a break from all the noise and hubbub. Just enjoy the pleasant quiet time, sitting back, with your shoes kicked off and let your hair loose.

13. Become More Aware Of Your Spiritual Side

Try and become more aware of your spiritual side. This does not have to mean finding a religion. Actually it can mean anything. We all have spirits. Try and understand what yours is saying to you. Some people do this through reading books, others choose to do this through becoming mindful and more self-aware.

14. Jump At A New Opportunity

Jump at new opportunities as soon as you find them available to you! Whether it may be a new and exciting job, a new friendship or a travel opportunity- whatever it is- plan to experience it. You never know where it will lead you unless you try!

15. Wait It Out

And lastly, of course you can wait crappy feelings out if you find that you just do not have the energy to really do anything. Sometimes these feelings can change quickly while other times they may last for years. If you feel down and it is not necessarily normal for you to feel this way, sometimes it is best to learn from whatever experience is keeping you feeling down and to just accept the feelings and plan to have a brighter day tomorrow.

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